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Beautiful Girl Names You Don’t Hear Every Day

Many parents are looking to make their child stand out when they choose a baby name. Others just want a gorgeous name that fits their child and are ok with it being well-known. These beautiful girl names perfectly fit that description.

While not entirely unique (you’ve probably heard them all before), they also aren’t names you hear over and over.

If you’re looking for a beautiful girl name that isn’t super popular but also not unheard of, this is a great list for you. None of these names are ranked in the top 30 according to social security.

Beautiful girl names that are less popular


Alternately spelled Lilah, Lila is a lovely name that has never been in the top 100 most popular names.


This name has a similar feel to several super popular girl names: Ava, Maya, and Amelia. If you like the style of those, Amaya is a gorgeous underused choice.


Gwendolyn is a beautiful Welsh name meaning white ring, and comes with the cute, spunky nickname Gwen.


A pretty name with tons of pop culture associations (remember the Simon and Garfunkel song?) Cecilia is a well-known name that amazingly hasn’t hit the top of the charts.


The epitome of understated beauty! Caroline is a classic, feminine name that is a perfect if you want to avoid anything too trendy.


Beautiful girl names- Lorelei

If you don’t count characters from Gilmore Girls, chances are you haven’t met more than one or two people named Lorelei in your life. This beautiful name has a modern, exotic feel without being too complicated or “out there”.


Alternately spelled Hallie, Halle is a simple but lovely name of Norse origin. You may be surprised to know that at one point in history it was a masculine name (diminutive form of Harald), making this a former boy name turned over to the girls.


Fans aren’t only looking for Disney inspired boy names, they are taking the lead from female characters too! Aurora is the true name of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and it is the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise as well. Mythology says that her tears turned to the morning dew.


There is no shortage of beautiful famous Natalies out there between Natalie Cole, Natalie Wood, and Natalie Portman. Narrowly missing the top ten at its peak in 2008, Natalie has held steady in the thirties for the last several years.


An old-fashioned name with a modern feel, Cora is as pretty as it is simple. Use alone or as a nickname for Coralie, Cordelia, or Coraline.


If you like elegant girl names, Cynthia is a posh, classy choice.


Imani is a gorgeous name of Arabic origin that is easy to spell and pronounce in a wide variety of languages.


A less popular but just as nice choice as all the hot El- names right now, Eliana has a great soft flow.


Melodic and feminine Angelina is a sweet, beautiful girl name choice.


Camille is a sleek, glamorous French name that has held steady around the 200s in the popularity.


A Hebrew name meaning life, short and sweet 3 letter name Eva can be pronounced EE-va or AY-va.


Channel Audrey Hepburn with this Hollywood glam old fashioned name.


Milena- beautiful girl names

A top baby name in Poland, Milena is completely underused in the U.S., barely breaking the top 1000 girl names.


A French name meaning victorious, Nicolette balances class and sweetness.


Oriana is actually a medieval name, but sounds like a contemporary take on Ariana or Briana.


A gorgeous and versatile Italian name, Sienna can also be spelled Siena like the city in Tuscany.


This beautiful feminine name is uncommon but feels familiar because of its popular components, Emma and -lyn.


A cross-cultural gem, Mira has roots in Spanish, Arabic, and Slavic languages.


Whether you spell it Janiyah, Janaya, or Janiah, this pretty name is widely known but not overused.


A lovely choice for any music lover, Melody is a Greek name meaning song. (Similarly, Harmony makes another beautiful girl name!)


Beautiful girl names you don't hear every day

Don’t be scared by the spelling! This Irish beauty is pronounced “Ro-sheen” and it means rose. I think we have our answer to “would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?”


This fun, spunky name means “happy”. What greater wish could you have for your daughter?


It peaked in popularity in the 1990s, but Alyssa is an uncommon choice for today’s baby girls.


The cute Briella easily lends itself to the nickname Brie or Ella. Take your pick, or leave it long.


Esme rose up the charts quickly thanks to the character from the popular Twilight saga, but it remains an underused choice hovering around number 500 on the charts.


A sweet choice among the country girl names, Callie works as a nickname or on its own.


Sophisticated Isla (pronounced eye-la) is a gentle-sounding name meaning island.


A Hindu name meaning night, Nisha has crossed over into the English speaking world and makes a beautiful name for any female.

Do you have a favorite of these beautiful girl names?

When it comes to girls names, there is no shortage of gorgeous choices. I’d love to hear any you’d like to add, whether popular or uncommon. Leave me a comment!

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Unique Gender Neutral Baby Names To Keep Them Guessing

Gender-neutral parenting is HUGE right now, and of course that includes baby names. More and more parents are seeing the advantage of choosing a name that beautifully fits a son or a daughter. Some couples even choose the name without knowing the sex of the baby (what an amazingly fun surprise!) If you are looking for unique gender neutral baby names beyond the mundane and overused, this list is for you.

Unique Gender Neutral Baby Names

Traditional gender neutral names like Robin, Taylor and Jessie may sound dated to today’s ears, and many parents are looking to help their child stand out. That is why this list is focused not just on unisex names, but ones that are uncommon or surprising.

(Note that this list is distinct from another baby naming trend, using boys names for girls.)

Some of these names are also included in my popular post Unique Baby Names You’ll Fall In Love With, which includes boy, girl, and gender neutral names.

If you’re planning on taking it a step further and practicing gender neutral parenting, here is an interesting article on “letting kids choose“. Whether you are going down that path or not, I think we can all agree that not putting limits on your child based on gender can only make them a happier, more well-rounded person.

unique unisex names baby in gray

But anyway, onto the names!






















baby feet gender neutral colors
































Weigh in! What do you think of these unusual gender neutral baby names?

Personally, I love unisex names but would be more inclined to use one of the more popular ones. Something like London, Lincoln, Finley, Sawyer, or Sailor would be more my style. That’s not to say I don’t love some of the more unique ones though!

Do you think unisex names are a temporary fad? Or is this the direction names are going in?

Do you agree or disagree with the idea that gender neutral names make girls appear stronger and boys more sensitive?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Hindu Baby Boy Names From Traditional to Modern

If you are looking for beautiful Hindu baby boy names, whether you like traditional or more modern baby names, this list (including meanings!) is a great place to start.

Hindu baby boy names from traditional to modern with saffron header

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most fundamental samskars, or Hindu scripture-based rites. The meaning of Hindu names is incredibly important, because it is believed to inspire the child to live according to their name’s meaning. Righteousness and divine qualities are generally the themes Hindu names take.

Naming a child after a Hindu deity is also believed to bring that child closer to enlightenment as hearing the name is a constant reminder of the Lord. For this reason, it is very common for traditional Hindu boy names to be used as they honor saints and deities.

However, times are changing, and today’s young couples may be looking to incorporate their Hindu culture into their baby’s name, but in a less traditional way. For these couples there are plenty of more modern Hindu baby names to choose from.

(This is only a selection of favorites- there are thousands upon thousands of Hindi names to choose from, many with several different spellings and variations. For a very broad list, check out Behind the Name.)

Traditional Hindu Names For Boys

Aarush        first ray of sun

Aja        goat

Amrit        immortal

Arjun        lord krishna’s cousin

Aseem        eternity

Badri        lord vishnu

Bharat        lord rama’s brother

Chanda    god’s compassion

Darshan        perceptive one

Devak        divine

Devesh     king of gods

Eha        lord Vishnu

Gunina      lord of all virtues

Harish         lord Shiva

Hemraj       king of gold

Heramba      mother’s beloved son

Ishaan        the sun

Jayesh     victory

Jaithra      lord Vishnu

Keshav      lord Krishna

Kiran        ray of light

Krishna        human incarnation of the god Vishnu

Kumar        boy, son

Lakshmi        wealth

Manish         genius; the god the of the mind

Mahadev        lord shiva

Mohan      lord Krishna

Mukund      Vishnu

Naagesh        god of mountains

Namish      lord Vishnu

Narun        leader of men

Nitin        master of the right path

Nila        blue

Padmesh     husband of goddess Lakshmi

Pavan       god of wind

Prakash        light, bright, shining

Pratik        shadow

Raja       princely ruler

Rajiv       striped

Ramesh        preserver, the god Vishnu

Sachin        essence

Sandeep        lighting the way

Sanjit        complete victory

Satisha        Hindu god Shiva

Siddhartha        accomplished goal

Surya        sun god

Talish        lord of earth

Vihaan        dawn

Vijay        conquering

Vikram        valorous

Vishnu        protector; the god Vishnu

Modern Hindu Boy Names

While tradition is huge in Hindu culture, many of today’s parents to be are looking for a name that’s a little more fresh and unique. Many of these are updated versions of ancient names, but some are new modern names all their own. Many of these uncommon, which can be another plus when choosing a name.

modern Hindu baby boy Indian on motorcycle

Aamir     prosperous

Aarav        peaceful

Ayaan       good fortune

Ajay       unconquered

Anant        joyful

Arnesh       lord of the sea

Arun        reddish brown

Ashwin        a star

Baldev        strong

Basant       spring   

Biren        lord of warriors

Charaka        wanderer, vagabond

Deepak       god of love

Dinesh        the sun

Ettan       breath

Ganesh        god of wisdom

Gaurav        prestige, pride

Hari      the son and moon

Indra        god of the sky and rain

Jai        conquerer

Jaidev        god of victory

Jovan     nice; youth

Kamal        lotus; perfection

Kirin      poet

Kunal      lotus

Mahesh        great lord

Nand        meritorious

Naveen      beautiful, new

Neel     champion; blue in color

Nihal        happy, content

Pankaj        mud born; lotus flower

Pramod        happy

Prem        love

Rahi      traveler

Rahul        efficient; conquerer

Rajesh     king

Ram     one who pleases

Raman      beloved

Reyansh       ray of light

Ravi       conferring; sun

Rishi        love

Rohit        first rays of sun; red

Rupin        handsome

Sagar        sea

Sahil       guide

Sai      flower

Samir       jovial

Sanjay        triumphant

Shaan       pride

Tarun       young boy

Vinod       happy, contented

Vittal      fortune giver

Zayn      bright

As you can see, there are so many beautiful Hindu names to choose from for your son, regardless of your naming style.

If you are focusing on a name with meaning, you’ll see there are many with beautiful, strong backgrounds. You can tell by the number of names after Hindu gods that religion is a hugely important part of the culture. However, if you prefer not to go that route there are plenty of names with nature, virtue, and beauty meanings too.

If you have any Hindu boy names to add to this list, I’d love to hear them!

Let me know in the comments.

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Modern Baby Boy Names Perfect For Your Little Man

If old fashioned and traditional names aren’t your style, you’ll love this list of modern baby boy names with new and interesting baby names for today’s millenial moms!

Modern baby boy names

Historically, parents have been more creative with girl names than boy names. Girl names turn over faster in the top ten spots on the charts, while boy names stay more constant. It has been our cultural norm to choose traditional, classic names for sons. Parents have also chosen to name their sons after family members much more often than their daughters.

Lately however, the trends are starting to change. Parents are looking at more unique boy names to help their sons stand out, a change from all the Johns and Michaels we grew up with. Millenial parents are more up on the trending baby names and make their choices accordingly.

What makes a baby name modern?

Unlike old fashioned baby names, modern baby names have been introduced to society more recently. They tend to follow certain patterns, like the -ayden baby name craze (-ton, -con, and -lo names are other examples). Modern baby names may explode based on the popularity of a celebrity, or the name chosen for a celebrity baby. Other times they are simply invented based on a look or sound that is pleasing to today’s eyes and ears.

Can modern names have historic roots?

My personal answer is yes. A name can exist in history but then go unknown for decades. If it just crept onto the radar in the last 10-15 years, I consider it a modern name.

Keep in mind that baby names tend to go in waves, so what sounds fresh and new now could be like Dorothy or Ernest 60 years down the road!

List of modern baby boy names

































Kai (included on my list of adorable three letter baby names!)













































Looking for more name inspiration?

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Baby boy name combinations will help you come up with a first and middle name combination that flows well together.

Unique baby names has lists for boys, girls, and unisex!

If you found names on this list that you love, make sure you Pin it for later!

Modern baby boy names pin image with blue eyed baby boy in a knit blanket

Stunning Baby Names You Have Not Thought Of

Tired of seeing the same old baby names everywhere? Looking for something different for your little one? Here is a list of stunning baby names you have not thought of!

The research is out, and it shows today’s parents prefer less common names for their children. The explanation? Valuing individualism over fitting in. This is why we see celebrity baby names like Apple and Blu Ivy. Everyone is fighting to make their kids stand out!

While the quest for standing out has lead to some highly, ehm… creative made-up names, it really isn’t necessary to choose something that’s unheard of. There are plenty of gorgeous known, but uncommon names out there ready for the picking.

The following is a list of such lesser known baby names for girls and boys, plus their origin and meaning.


bright eyed baby with the text baby names you have not thought of

Baby girl names

Ailani        Hawaiian name meaning “chief”

Anissa        Arabic name meaning “friendly”

Antonia        Italian girls name meaning “priceless”

Bethel        Hebrew for “house of God”

Cecily        Latin for “blind”

Cinzia        Italian version of Cynthia, meaning “moon Goddess”

Cressida        Greek name meaning “gold”     

Domino        A gender-neutral name of Latin origin meaning “lord, master”

Ensley        English surname meaning “meadow”

Ember        French for Amber

Indigo        Greek for “Indian dye”

Jaslene        Combination of Jasmine and Darlene

Julissa        Combination of Julia and Alissa

Khari        West African name meaning “kingly”

Lucretia      Latin name, meaning unknown

Macaire        French boy name used for girls, meaning “blessed”

Marisha        Russian variation of Marissa, “of the sea”

Maridel        Variant of Welsh girls name Mari, meaning “star of the sea”

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Meira        Hebrew name meaning “light”

Miriam        Hebrew for “wished-for child”

Neda        Slavic name meaning “born on Sunday”

Nisi        Unisex Hebrew name meaning “emblem”

Odelia        Hebrew name meaning “I will praise the lord”

Raphaella        This elegant girls name is Hebrew for “healing God”

Rheda        Anglo girl name meaning “a goddess”

Risha        A name with Hindu origins but commonly used in the Russian language meaning “saintly”

Sapphire    English nature name referring to the jewel

Shaleigh        Irish name meaning “princess in the field”

Shoshannah        Hebrew name meaning “lily”

Solara        A name with Latin origins referencing “the sun”

Tala        Native American name for “wolf”

Vail        Gender-neutral name meaning “valley”

Verity        Latin virtue name meaning “truth”

Baby boy names

cute baby boy on a swing

Adriel        Hebrew name meaning “God is my master”

Amos        Hebrew male name meaning “carried by God” (also on my list of Disney boy names)

Beck        English for “living beside a stream”

Bohdan       Ukranian version of Donald, which means “proud chief”

Bolton        English surname meaning “dwelling in an enclosure”

Boone        Name of English origin, means “blessing”

Calder        English for “rocky water”

Cassiel        Latin name meaning “angel of Saturday”

Colson        English name meaning “people’s victory”

Conroy        Irish name meaning “wolf of the plain”

Dima        Russian variation of Dmitri

Drexel        German occupational surname meaning “one who turns”

Edison        English for “son of Edward”

Fletcher        English occupational name meaning “arrow maker”

Haskell        Hebrew boy’s name meaning “wisdom”

Kelso        Name after a place in Scotland

Ledger        English surname

Macon        French place name

Marcel        French name meaning “little warrior”

McCoy        Irish boy name meaning “fire”

Merrick        Anglo-Welsh for “fame, power”

Ogden        English name meaning “from the oak valley”        

Oslo        Norwegian place name

Rylan       English for “island meadow”        

Sadler        English occupational name for saddle-maker

Stellan        Swedish name meaning “calm”

Thiago        Portguese diminutive of Santiago, meaning “supplanter”

Timo        Norwegian male name meaning “honoring God”

Waylon        English name which means “land beside the road”

Zephyr        Greek name meaning “west wind”

That’s it for baby names you haven’t thought of, but there are plenty more unique baby names to consider!

I also have lists for beautiful unique girl names and cool, uncommon boy names.

Or if you decide fitting in with the pack is more your speed, don’t miss baby names that are trending right now.

What do YOU think? Does it benefit kids to grow up with a name that sets them apart, or is it easier to have a more common name?