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Here are some of my best loved resources for new parents.

New Mom Resources

Online Courses

Breastfeeding: The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology is a thorough, video-based online breastfeeding class that I’m ALWAYS hearing people rave about. Here is just some of what you’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake women make that can sabotage breastfeeding
  • The most effective breastfeeding position to get a deep latch
  • 2 simple ways to ensure your baby is getting enough milk
  • A powerful strategy to make more milk whenever you need to
  • 7 places to seek out and find your super support tribe

Pumping: I get questions all the time from new breastfeeding moms who are trying to figure out how to pump and build up a stash before going back to work. To give the most comprehensive and helpful answer, I refer them to this Back to Work Pumping Class which takes all the guesswork out of it!

Natural Birth: Mommy Labor Nurse is an experienced L&D nurse with a course especially for women who want to have an all-natural childbirth experience. The feedback on this one has been amazing, so if natural is what you’re going for make sure to check it out. The course is called Birth It Up! and it’s all video based so it’s like having a live instructor right there in front of you.

Sleep Training: Are you looking for a gentle, yet effective way to sleep train your baby so you BOTH can get a healthy night’s sleep? Baby Sleep Made Simple will walk you through it step by step. You can get started now with the free Exhausted Mom’s Survival Kit!

Postpartum Nutrition and Weight Loss: Have you heard about the Postpartum Cure? It covers everything from exercises, recipes and grocery lists specifically for the postpartum mom. It focuses on healing and nourishing the body to recover from birth and help with milk supply, at the same time as gently getting your body back to it’s pre-baby fitness. If you need some extra guidance and hand-holding in this department, the Postpartum Cure will walk you through each step.

Pregnancy must-haves

While I wouldn’t exactly call myself a minimalist, I’m definitely low-maintanence. During my pregnancies, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible without buying ALL THE THINGS. This post lists all my pregnancy must haves, as well as products that you shouldn’t waste your money on.

Baby Registry

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

With friends and family all over the country wanting to buy you something special for your little one, Amazon Baby makes it super convenient for them.

Online forums

Baby Center

My favorite feature is the monthly birth club groups, so you can make connections with people who are at the exact same stage of pregnancy as you. These forums really helped me when I was pregnant at a time when none of my friends or family members were!

Blogging Resources

If you’re a blogger (or are interested in becoming one) these are the resources I used to take my blog from a hobby to a thriving, work-from-home business.

Pinteresting Strategies

80% of my site’s 200,000 monthly page views come from Pinterest. This course will teach you a whole new strategy for pinning that will exponentially increase clicks to your blog from Pinterest.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

This course will help you learn how to make affiliate sales through your blog, regardless of your niche. This is a great way to add another income stream to your website.

Traffic Transformation

If you have a blog but are struggling to get significant traffic to it, this course is for you. Don’t sit around wondering what you’re doing wrong, learn how to get the traffic you need to grow and monetize!


If you’ve been reading up on blogging for a while, you know how many of us use Tailwind for scheduling pins and Instagram posts. It is a huge time-saver in addition to helping your pins get seen and boosting your traffic. My favorite part is the new smart-loop feature, which makes it so even old and forgotten pins never die out on Pinterest.

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