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Stunning Baby Names You Have Not Thought Of

Tired of seeing the same old baby names everywhere? Looking for something different for your little one? Here is a list of stunning baby names you have not thought of!

The research is out, and it shows today’s parents prefer less common names for their children. The explanation? Valuing individualism over fitting in. This is why we see celebrity baby names like Apple and Blu Ivy. Everyone is fighting to make their kids stand out!

While the quest for standing out has lead to some highly, ehm… creative made-up names, it really isn’t necessary to choose something that’s unheard of. There are plenty of gorgeous known, but uncommon names out there ready for the picking.

The following is a list of such lesser known baby names for girls and boys, plus their origin and meaning.


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Baby girl names

Ailani        Hawaiian name meaning “chief”

Anissa        Arabic name meaning “friendly”

Antonia        Italian girls name meaning “priceless”

Bethel        Hebrew for “house of God”

Cecily        Latin for “blind”

Cinzia        Italian version of Cynthia, meaning “moon Goddess”

Cressida        Greek name meaning “gold”     

Domino        A gender-neutral name of Latin origin meaning “lord, master”

Ensley        English surname meaning “meadow”

Ember        French for Amber

Indigo        Greek for “Indian dye”

Jaslene        Combination of Jasmine and Darlene

Julissa        Combination of Julia and Alissa

Khari        West African name meaning “kingly”

Lucretia      Latin name, meaning unknown

Macaire        French boy name used for girls, meaning “blessed”

Marisha        Russian variation of Marissa, “of the sea”

Maridel        Variant of Welsh girls name Mari, meaning “star of the sea”

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Meira        Hebrew name meaning “light”

Miriam        Hebrew for “wished-for child”

Neda        Slavic name meaning “born on Sunday”

Nisi        Unisex Hebrew name meaning “emblem”

Odelia        Hebrew name meaning “I will praise the lord”

Raphaella        This elegant girls name is Hebrew for “healing God”

Rheda        Anglo girl name meaning “a goddess”

Risha        A name with Hindu origins but commonly used in the Russian language meaning “saintly”

Sapphire    English nature name referring to the jewel

Shaleigh        Irish name meaning “princess in the field”

Shoshannah        Hebrew name meaning “lily”

Solara        A name with Latin origins referencing “the sun”

Tala        Native American name for “wolf”

Vail        Gender-neutral name meaning “valley”

Verity        Latin virtue name meaning “truth”

Baby boy names

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Adriel        Hebrew name meaning “God is my master”

Amos        Hebrew male name meaning “carried by God” (also on my list of Disney boy names)

Beck        English for “living beside a stream”

Bohdan       Ukranian version of Donald, which means “proud chief”

Bolton        English surname meaning “dwelling in an enclosure”

Boone        Name of English origin, means “blessing”

Calder        English for “rocky water”

Cassiel        Latin name meaning “angel of Saturday”

Colson        English name meaning “people’s victory”

Conroy        Irish name meaning “wolf of the plain”

Dima        Russian variation of Dmitri

Drexel        German occupational surname meaning “one who turns”

Edison        English for “son of Edward”

Fletcher        English occupational name meaning “arrow maker”

Haskell        Hebrew boy’s name meaning “wisdom”

Kelso        Name after a place in Scotland

Ledger        English surname

Macon        French place name

Marcel        French name meaning “little warrior”

McCoy        Irish boy name meaning “fire”

Merrick        Anglo-Welsh for “fame, power”

Ogden        English name meaning “from the oak valley”        

Oslo        Norwegian place name

Rylan       English for “island meadow”        

Sadler        English occupational name for saddle-maker

Stellan        Swedish name meaning “calm”

Thiago        Portguese diminutive of Santiago, meaning “supplanter”

Timo        Norwegian male name meaning “honoring God”

Waylon        English name which means “land beside the road”

Zephyr        Greek name meaning “west wind”

That’s it for baby names you haven’t thought of, but there are plenty more unique baby names to consider!

I also have lists for beautiful unique girl names and cool, uncommon boy names.

Or if you decide fitting in with the pack is more your speed, don’t miss baby names that are trending right now.

What do YOU think? Does it benefit kids to grow up with a name that sets them apart, or is it easier to have a more common name?


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