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Stunning Baby Names You Have Not Thought Of

Tired of seeing the same old baby names everywhere? Looking for something different for your little one? Here is a list of stunning baby names you have not thought of!

The research is out, and it shows today’s parents prefer less common names for their children. The explanation? Valuing individualism over fitting in. This is why we see celebrity baby names like Apple and Blu Ivy. Everyone is fighting to make their kids stand out!

While the quest for standing out has lead to some highly, ehm… creative made-up names, it really isn’t necessary to choose something that’s unheard of. There are plenty of gorgeous known, but uncommon names out there ready for the picking.

The following is a list of such lesser known baby names for girls and boys, plus their origin and meaning.


bright eyed baby with the text baby names you have not thought of

Baby girl names

Ailani        Hawaiian name meaning “chief”

Anissa        Arabic name meaning “friendly”

Antonia        Italian girls name meaning “priceless”

Bethel        Hebrew for “house of God”

Cecily        Latin for “blind”

Cinzia        Italian version of Cynthia, meaning “moon Goddess”

Cressida        Greek name meaning “gold”     

Domino        A gender-neutral name of Latin origin meaning “lord, master”

Ensley        English surname meaning “meadow”

Ember        French for Amber

Indigo        Greek for “Indian dye”

Jaslene        Combination of Jasmine and Darlene

Julissa        Combination of Julia and Alissa

Khari        West African name meaning “kingly”

Lucretia      Latin name, meaning unknown

Macaire        French boy name used for girls, meaning “blessed”

Marisha        Russian variation of Marissa, “of the sea”

Maridel        Variant of Welsh girls name Mari, meaning “star of the sea”

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Meira        Hebrew name meaning “light”

Miriam        Hebrew for “wished-for child”

Neda        Slavic name meaning “born on Sunday”

Nisi        Unisex Hebrew name meaning “emblem”

Odelia        Hebrew name meaning “I will praise the lord”

Raphaella        This elegant girls name is Hebrew for “healing God”

Rheda        Anglo girl name meaning “a goddess”

Risha        A name with Hindu origins but commonly used in the Russian language meaning “saintly”

Sapphire    English nature name referring to the jewel

Shaleigh        Irish name meaning “princess in the field”

Shoshannah        Hebrew name meaning “lily”

Solara        A name with Latin origins referencing “the sun”

Tala        Native American name for “wolf”

Vail        Gender-neutral name meaning “valley”

Verity        Latin virtue name meaning “truth”

Baby boy names

cute baby boy on a swing

Adriel        Hebrew name meaning “God is my master”

Amos        Hebrew male name meaning “carried by God” (also on my list of Disney boy names)

Beck        English for “living beside a stream”

Bohdan       Ukranian version of Donald, which means “proud chief”

Bolton        English surname meaning “dwelling in an enclosure”

Boone        Name of English origin, means “blessing”

Calder        English for “rocky water”

Cassiel        Latin name meaning “angel of Saturday”

Colson        English name meaning “people’s victory”

Conroy        Irish name meaning “wolf of the plain”

Dima        Russian variation of Dmitri

Drexel        German occupational surname meaning “one who turns”

Edison        English for “son of Edward”

Fletcher        English occupational name meaning “arrow maker”

Haskell        Hebrew boy’s name meaning “wisdom”

Kelso        Name after a place in Scotland

Ledger        English surname

Macon        French place name

Marcel        French name meaning “little warrior”

McCoy        Irish boy name meaning “fire”

Merrick        Anglo-Welsh for “fame, power”

Ogden        English name meaning “from the oak valley”        

Oslo        Norwegian place name

Rylan       English for “island meadow”        

Sadler        English occupational name for saddle-maker

Stellan        Swedish name meaning “calm”

Thiago        Portguese diminutive of Santiago, meaning “supplanter”

Timo        Norwegian male name meaning “honoring God”

Waylon        English name which means “land beside the road”

Zephyr        Greek name meaning “west wind”

That’s it for baby names you haven’t thought of, but there are plenty more unique baby names to consider!

I also have lists for beautiful unique girl names and cool, uncommon boy names.

Or if you decide fitting in with the pack is more your speed, don’t miss baby names that are trending right now.

What do YOU think? Does it benefit kids to grow up with a name that sets them apart, or is it easier to have a more common name?

Southern Baby Girl Names For Your Little Country Girl

If you’ve got a Southern belle on the way, or if you just want to infuse a little country charm into your daughter’s name- this list of Southern baby girl names is for you!

Southern Baby Girl Names For Your Little Country Girl

True, I’m from New England. But having lived in the south for four years during college, I’ve met my fair share of country girls. One thing they had in common is their regional pride. Whether they were glitzy pageant girls or rough-and-tough cowgirls, they all identified as Southern girls first. 

If you’ve got Southern pride, you’ll love these name choices for your little girl.

Southern Place Names

Directly inspired by the South, these girl names come from U.S. cities and states and pay homage to that unique region of the country.

Rustic timeless country girl on the beach









Timeless/Vintage Country Names

Think old school cowgirl names for this category of vintage country names. Different from old fashioned baby names, these have a distinct Southern flair. They could be your grandma’s name, but they are more likely to be that cute cowgirl character on a TV show or movie.
















cowgirl boots for southern baby girl

Rustic preppy names

Looking for that upscale Southern charm? These names have an upper class, preppy edge to them. These are the names that look like they should be monogrammed onto Pottery Barn everything.

(And if you like those upper class names, check out the list of preppy names for boys that would be make great sibling pairs with these names.)












Modern/uncommon Southern girl names

Southern baby girl in the country













What are your favorite Southern girl names? Leave me a comment!

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11 Game Of Thrones Baby Names That Could Totally Catch On

Game of Thrones has created a massive fandom enterprise since its release in 2011. It’s only logical that the obsession would extend into naming our children. And there certainly are plenty of names to choose from, with a cast of 553 characters, 88 of which are named characters with repeat appearances.

Some of the characters’ names are far too out-there to ever become popular (we’re looking at you Targaryen family) and others will forever be hated because their characters were far too evil (Joffrey). But a handful of names fall right into that sweet spot of unique but not too weird, AND represent characters that we’ve grown to love.

Here are 11 great choices for Game of Thrones baby names!

Game of Thrones Baby Names

WARNING: This post contains Game of Thrones spoilers. Read with caution if you are not up to date!


A minor but notable character, Uncle Benjen conveniently appears whenever the Stark kids need saving (remember Jon Snow on the iceberg about to get decimated by a million white walkers?) His role is small but brave and heroic nonetheless.

Benjen has the potential to become the latest “Ben” name, following the likes of Benjamin, Benji, Bennett, and Benson.


Sansa (played by Sophie Turner)
Sansa (played by Sophie Turner)

I will be shocked if I don’t meet a little baby Sansa sometime in the next year.

Sansa starts out the show as young adolescent girl with romantic dreams. She is forced to grow up quickly after she witnesses her father get beheaded, which sadly is only the first of many horrific tragedies in her life.

Through it all, we see Sansa grow as a character and become a poised, strong woman. She may not be engaging in combat like sister Arya, but she has a good head on her shoulders and displays outstanding emotional strength and leadership. After all she’s been through, it’s impossible not to root for her good fortune in the end.

As a name, Sansa shows potential in its feminine flow and uniqueness, while still being easy to say and spell. Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin did not in fact invent the name Sansa. It comes from Sanskrit origins meaning “praise”.


Game of Thrones is full of strong female characters, and Yara Greyjoy is one such example. Fierce commander from the Iron Islands, Yara challenges gender roles left and right on the show and seems to have you cheering for her with every move she makes.

The name Yara has Brazilian origins and could follow in the footsteps of the more well-known Zara and Mara.


Yara’s brother, Theon Greyjoy, is an extremely complex character that throws our emotions all over the place throughout the course of the show. In the end, he bravely displays his loyalty to the North. If the Starks forgive his past indiscretions, we can too.

Theon is a name of Greek origin meaning “Godly”. It has a familiar feel due to the -on ending and closeness to common names like Theo and Leon.


Not exactly a likable character, Tywin Lannister is the head of the Lannister family and father of the infamous Cersei Lannister. Despite his moral shortcomings, he has many strengths including being an intelligent, strategic, and powerful leader.

Serious potential exists in this name as evidenced by the plethora of “Ty” names out there including Tyler, Tyson, Tyrone, Tylan, Tyrus, Tyrese, Tyvon, Tyrell, Tyrick, and just about any other combination of letters following “Ty” you can think of.


Here’s one Game of Thrones baby name that is already catching on! At least 3600 babies have already been given this invented name meaning “queen” in the fictional Dothraki language.

It’s not hard to see why. Khaleesi is the title of our beloved Danaerys Targaryen who is as ambitious and determined as she is beautiful. You won’t be able to hide your Game of Thrones fandom with this name selection, but it does have a positively lovely sound- almost like the tinkling of bells.


Despite not surviving past the first season, Eddard (Ned) Stark plays a critical role in the show as the patriarch of the Stark family. He is also one of the only fathers on the show with any redeeming qualities as a parent.

The name was created by the author of the show, but could easily be mistaken for a variation of the classic Edward.


Samwell Tarly (played by John Bradley)
Samwell Tarly (played by John Bradley)

Who could forget sweet, loyal Samwell Tarly of the Night’s Watch?

Similar to the Eddard/Edward phenomenon, Samwell is a made up name that feels well-known because of it’s similarity to Samuel. A hybrid of Samuel + Maxwell perhaps?

Sam makes for an easy nickname if you don’t want to make your Game of Thrones passion too well-known.


Arya starts out as a spunky little sister, and embarks on an unimaginable transformation throughout the course of the show. The culmination of her journey is when she emerges as the savior of mankind by killing the Night King in season 8. This fierce fighter has all the strength and grit you can fit in a young woman while still being feminine and virtuous.

The name Arya was already trending in 2019 before she stole the show in season 8. I can only imagine how high this name will climb on the charts now.


A loyal and brave warrior, Lady Brienne of Tarth (or should I say Ser Brienne of Tarth) is stronger than most men and definitely someone you’d want on your side in battle. Not only is she ferocius- remember when she beat the Hound in hand to hand combat?- she is also righteous, noble, and true to her word. 

I can see the writing on the wall with this name. It’s like a modernized version of Brianne with the French -enne ending that Angelina Jolie popularized with daughter Vivienne. Add on top of that the cute nickname Brie and you have the makings of a mega-huge baby name.


Ser Jorah Mormont (played by Iain Glen)
Ser Jorah Mormont (played by Iain Glen)

Ser Jorah Mormont is an exiled knight who faithfully protects and guides Daenerys Targeryan through her quest for the iron throne. He is also secretly in love with her, and dies in her arms in the heart-wrenching scene of “The Long Night”.

Jorah is a Hebrew name meaning “early rain”. In the same vain as Jonah and Judah, Jorah has a modern hipster appeal.

What are your favorite Game of Thrones baby names?

Let me know in the comments!

Preppy Boy Names For Your Uptown Guy

If you are dreaming of a handsome, polo-wearing, all-American stunner of a son, here are 50 preppy boy names that will be right up your alley!

These names are mostly classic, but with some modern trendy selections with the same vibe. All convey an image of status, wealth, and upper education.

And preppy boy names tend to pair perfectly with elegant girl names, as they both have an air of sophistication. It is always nice when siblings have names that are the same style without being matchy-matchy.

Preppy boy names

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click one of the product links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

And without further ado, let’s get to the upper class boy names! He may or may not end up going to a New England prep school, but at least he can sound like someone who would. Names are everything when it comes to making a first impression!















Your preppy named boy will need to look the part! I love this adorable Ralph Lauren navy and white striped coverall, this JonJon seersucker romper, and this Little Me Pant Shirt and Tie Set.   








upper class boy names













Looking for names with less pomp and more of an edge? You’ll find what you’re looking for with these unique boy names that are uncommon yet cool!




















upper class boy names

Tell me YOUR favorite preppy boy name in the comments!

Once you’ve found your favorite preppy name, it’s time to compliment it with the perfect middle name. Check out these perfectly paired boy name combinations for some inspiration.

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Elegant Girl Names That Will Suit Your Little Lady

If you’re looking for the perfect baby name with an air of sophistication for your baby, these elegant girl names are sure to please. A name makes an immediate impression, so make sure your daughter leaves an impression of class and grace!

Elegant Girl Names pin image with text and image of baby sleeping

What makes a name sound elegant?

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but certain name characteristics tend to give people an image of high class.

  • Length: Longer names are more likely to sound sophisticated (though some short names can be elegant as well).
  • Legacy: Names that have a history of being associated with royalty, fame, or money will conjure an elegant image.
  • Style: Traditional, classic names tend to leave a more favorable impression that new, made up names. A name that is stylistically similar to a traditional name can have the same effect.

Long Elegant Girl Names


Alexandra, and its variants Alexandria, Alessandra, and Alejandra, has a long pedigree associated with royalty. Dutch, English, and Russian royals have all donned this moniker. It is popular but not overdone and strikes a balance between strong and elegant.


Related to the super trendy baby name Amelia, Amalia is like a sleeker, more exotic cousin. A German name meaning “hard working”, Amalia has a touch of antique charm and the three “a”s make it sound super feminine.


Elegant and beautiful, the Russian name Anastasia is strongly associated with the lost princess Anastasia of the Romanov empire. The character Anastasia Steele of 50 Shades of Gray has made the name more culturally accessible.


Fashionable and lacy Arabella brings to mind a glammed-up version of Isabella. Meaning “prayerful”, Arabella has long been used in England and has just recently caught on in the U.S.


Aurora has strong roots in the romance and fantasy department. In addition to the Disney princess, Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess of dawn.


Prim and proper Beatrice is a pretty name of Latin origin meaning “blessed”. It has the old English charm in addition to modern day sweetness.


Camilla has a timeless elegance that parents have taken notice of. Don’t be surprised if this one cracks the top 100 soon!


If you are looking for a name with understated, refined elegance, Caroline is it. Classic yet fashionable, Caroline is the name of sophisticated women like Caroline Kennedy and Princess Caroline of Monaco.


Larger-than-life Christabel commands attention and exudes dignity. It is a combination of the Latin Christine with the French Belle, resulting in a unique name meaning “beautiful follower of Christ”. Use this name if you want your daughter to be confused with someone famous.


Charlotte is one of the rare name that has managed to avoid becoming mundane despite its extreme popularity. It still feels like a royal, elegant name and the addition of Prince William’s daughter Princess Charlotte only solidifies that image.


A name rooted in American history (Eleanor Roosevelt for example), Eleanor has that high class vintage feel.


A name strongly rooted in British royalty, Elizabeth is a timeless classic. The Italian version, Elisabetta is a softer, more glamorous alternative.


Straight out of Greek mythology, Eudora is a lovely name choice for anyone looking for an elegant girl name that is unique and rare.


Romantic, elegant, and little bit whimsical, Evangeline covers a lot of bases. With Greek and Christian roots, Evangeline is traditional but still sounds creative.


Italian stunner Francesca makes a bold and beautiful statement. Miles apart from it’s derivative Frances, Francesca has a distinctive upscale feel.


The patron saint of Paris, Genevieve is French elegance at its finest.

Long elegant names for girls


It doesn’t get much more elegant than this German name meaning “pledge”. Giselle is both the name of a famous 19th century ballet and a certain Brazilian supermodel. Beauty and luxury at its best!


Yes it’s an uber popular name right now, but Isabella still has that dignified elegance. A Biblical name meaning “consecrated to God”, Isabella has ties to European Royalty (especially Spanish) as well as Shakespeare and modern day Hollywood.


A German name meaning “alluring enchantress”, Lorelei has that romantic, graceful charm.


Marguerite just sounds fancy! So many French names have that sophisticated vibe, and Marguerite is one of the most elegant of all.


Full of romantic, old-world elegance, the name Melisande has French and German origins and means “strength”. Pay homage to the more ordinary name Melissa with this graceful name choice.


Thrust onto the baby name scene by Mariah Carey, Monroe pays homage to the sexy yet classy Marilyn Monroe. It also taps into the trend of using last names for first names.


Super feminine Natalia embodies the grace and elegance of famous Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova and beauty of supermodel Natalia Vodianova.


Nicolette, a French name meaning “victory”, sounds feminine and fancy the way so many French names do.


Odessa is an elegant-sounding girl name with intrigue. It originates from a Ukrainian port city and is inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey. It has a similar vibe to names like Larissa and Vanessa but its originality gives it that real wow factor.

Love unique names? Don’t miss this list of 200 unique baby names for boys, girls, and unisex!


A Greek name meaning “help”, beautiful Ophelia has long been associated with literature (Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Harriett Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin come to mind). Graceful and elegant girl name, Ophelia is starting to show up on modern parents’ radar.


Sophisticated and sexy, Scarlett is associated with Scarlett O’Hara and more recently, Scarlett Johansson.


Mature and chic, Sophia maintains a high class reputation despite wild popularity.


You might not know that Veronica is a name from the Bible and the patron saint of photography, but you probably do know at least one rich girl named Veronica.


Whether it reminds you of Victoria Beckham, Victoria’s Secret, or Queen Victoria, the name Victoria has major connotations to wealth, beauty, and elegance.


An Italian girl name meaning “purple”, Violetta is an ultra feminine, posh and refined name to suit a classy little lady.


Both Vivian and the French Angelia Jolie spelling Vivienne immediately make you think “high class”. It has Latin origins meaning “life” and is a great choice if you’re going for something vintage but still fashionable.

Short Classy Girl Names

Short classy girl names


Adele, and its sweet diminutive form Adeline, has a formal if not regal air. Hit singer Adele helps give it a modern, glossy boost.


Hebrew for “strong”, Adira is both simple and exotic. It is very rarely used in the U.S., but that could soon change given how many “A” names are found at the top of the charts.


Audrey Hepburn anyone? This classy name meaning “noble strength” is sweet and beautiful.


This old English name meaning “spirited” originated as a boys name but crossed over to the girls. Uncommon and stylish, this short name makes a big impact in the sophistication department.


This French surname meaning “pipe, channel” was launched into the elegant category thanks to Coco Chanel and her famous luxurious fragrance, Chanel No. 5.


Simplicity means refinement with this short, classy name. Common Elle associations include supermodel Elle MacPhearson, the character Elle Woods of Legally Blond, and ELLE magazine.


Chic Eloise has come back into fashion with all the El- names that are trending right now. It airs on being pretentious (remember the snobby-but-cute little girl in the Plaza Hotel?) but sweet nickname Ellie makes it more down-to-earth.


Fashionable and feminine Isla is a gorgeous name with Celtic origins that finally came to light in the U.S. after actress Isla Fisher became popular.


Grace has elegance by definition. Yes, it’s a virtue name, but not in the way that beats you over the head (ala Chastity). It has a subtle, simple beauty that has not been overlooked by today’s parents.


Single-syllable three letter baby names tend to be more cute than sophisticated, but Mae pulls it off. The association with Mae West help give it a vintage elegance.


Hebrew for “pleasant”, Naomi is an upscale pretty name with some famous beauties to back it up: Naomi Campbell and Naomi Watts for instance.


The only unisex name on the list, fashionable London gives off a jet-setter, slightly elitist vibe.


Would a baby by any other name be as sweet? As classic as the come, beautiful Rose is as soft and elegant as a flower.


It’s no easy task for a Z-name to sound elegant, but lovely Zara nails it! British royals and a high-end clothing store solidify the glam image.

What elegant girl names do YOU love?

Leave a comment!

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