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Hindu Baby Boy Names From Traditional to Modern

If you are looking for beautiful Hindu baby boy names, whether you like traditional or more modern baby names, this list (including meanings!) is a great place to start.

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Choosing a name for your child is one of the most fundamental samskars, or Hindu scripture-based rites. The meaning of Hindu names is incredibly important, because it is believed to inspire the child to live according to their name’s meaning. Righteousness and divine qualities are generally the themes Hindu names take.

Naming a child after a Hindu deity is also believed to bring that child closer to enlightenment as hearing the name is a constant reminder of the Lord. For this reason, it is very common for traditional Hindu boy names to be used as they honor saints and deities.

However, times are changing, and today’s young couples may be looking to incorporate their Hindu culture into their baby’s name, but in a less traditional way. For these couples there are plenty of more modern Hindu baby names to choose from.

(This is only a selection of favorites- there are thousands upon thousands of Hindi names to choose from, many with several different spellings and variations. For a very broad list, check out Behind the Name.)

Traditional Hindu Names For Boys

Aarush        first ray of sun

Aja        goat

Ajay       unconquered

Amrit        immortal

Asim        boundless

Arjun        lord krishna’s cousin

Badri        lord vishnu

Bharat        lord rama’s brother

Chanda    god’s compassion

Darshan        perceptive one

Deepak       god of love

Devak        divine

Hari        belonging to god

Harish         lord shiva

Hemraj       king of gold

Ishaan        the sun

Kiran        ray of light

Krishna        human incarnation of the god Vishnu

Kumar        boy, son

Lakshmi        wealth

Manish         genius; the god the of the mind

Mahadev        lord shiva

Mohan      lord Krishna

Naagesh        god of mountains

Narun        leader of men

Nitin        master of the right path

Nila        blue

Pavan       god of wind

Prakash        light, bright, shining

Pratik        shadow

Raja       princely ruler

Rajiv       striped

Ramesh        preserver, the god Vishnu

Sachin        essence

Sandeep        lighting the way

Sanjit        complete victory

Satisha        Hindu god Shiva

Siddhartha        accomplished goal

Surya        sun god

Talish        lord of earth

Vihaan        dawn

Vijay        conquering

Vikram        valorous

Vishnu        protector; the god Vishnu

Modern Hindu Boy Names

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Aarav        peaceful

Anant        joyful

Arun        reddish brown

Ashwin        a star

Baldev        strong

Basant       spring   

Biren        lord of warriors

Charaka        wanderer, vagabond

Dinesh        the sun

Ettan       breath

Ganesh        god of wisdom

Gaurav        prestige, pride

Indra        god of the sky and rain

Jai        conquerer

Jaidev        god of victory

Kamal        lotus; perfection

Mahesh        great lord

Nand        meritorious

Nihal        happy, content

Pankaj        mud born; lotus flower

Pramod        happy

Prem        love

Rahul        efficient

Reyansh       ray of light

Ravi       conferring; sun

Rishi        love

Rohit        first rays of sun; red

Rupin        handsome

Sagar        sea

Sanjay        triumphant

Tarun       young boy

Vinod       happy, contented

As you can see, there are so many beautiful Hindu names to choose from for your son, regardless of your naming style.

If you are focusing on a name with meaning, you’ll see there are many with beautiful, strong backgrounds. You can tell by the number of names after Hindu gods that religion is a hugely important part of the culture. However, if you prefer not to go that route there are plenty of names with nature and beauty meanings too.

If you have any Hindu boy names to add to this list, I’d love to hear them!

Let me know in the comments.

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