Guide to Walt Disney World Attractions: Height Restrictions, Fright Factor, and Motion Sickness Potential

height restrictions in disney

Wondering how tall your child needs to be to go on the rides at Walt Disney World, Florida? Here is the complete guide to height restrictions in Disney World including all 4 parks and the 2 water parks!

The good news for us Moms is, Walt created Disney World with families in mind. Even the “thrill rides” at Disney are mostly geared towards children. You won’t find the biggest or fastest roller coasters in the world here. His vision was for the whole family to enjoy the parks together. For this reason, there are plenty of attractions have no height restriction. And most of the rides with a height requirement are 40 inches or less, which means a typical 5 year old can ride all but a handful of attractions.

Height Restrictions

Here are the specifics for each park:

Magic Kingdom

height restrictions in disney
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Somewhere in between a thrill ride and a kiddie coaster
  • Tomorrowland Speedway- must be 32″ to ride and 54″ to ride without an adult
  • Barnstormer (Great Goofini)- must be 35″ to ride
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train- 38″
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- 40″
  • Splash Mountain- 40″
  • Stitch’s Great Escape- 40″
  • Space Mountain- 44″


  • Test Track- 40″
  • Soarin’- 40″
  • Mission: Space (Earth/Green Edition): 40″
  • Mission: Space (Mars/Orange Edition): 44″

Hollywood Studios

  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- 40″
  • Star Tours- 40″
  • Rockin’ Roller Coaster- 48″

Animal Kingdom

height restrictions in Disney
Nope, it’s not a zoo! Several attractions have height restrictions
  • Kali River Rapids- 38″
  • DINOSAUR-  40″
  • Avatar Flight of Passage- 44″
  • Expedition Everest- 44″
  • Primeval Whirl- 48″

Blizzard Beach

height restrictions in Disney
Don’t forget, water parks have height requirements too.
  • Chair lift- 32″ (no infants)
  • Tike’s Peak- Must be UNDER 48″ (children’s play area)
  • Downhill Double Dipper- 48″
  • Slush Gusher- 48″
  • Summit Plummet- 48″

Typhoon Lagoon

  • Ketchakiddee Creek- must be UNDER 48″ (children’s play area for ages 2-5)
  • Bay Slide- must be UNDER 60″ (children’s slide)
  • Crush n’ Gusher- 48″
  • Humunga Kowabunga- 48″

Guidelines for pregnant women

All of the rides that have a height restriction also come with warnings for expectant mothers. If an attraction doesn’t have a height restriction, anyone can ride including infants and pregnant women. Always use your best judgement and consult your doctor beforehand if you have concerns.

Fright factor

height restrictions in disney
The haunts of Disney’s Haunted Mansion may be silly to some but scary to others

The elaborate theming of Disney attractions is designed to give you an emotional reaction, and some may be scary for children. You know your child best, so use your judgement about what they might find spooky. And please, don’t be that parent who forces their child on rides when they are screaming they don’t want to go on! That’s not fun for anyone.

Magic Kingdom

  • Haunted Mansion- ghosts, ghouls and creepy music can scare children
  • Pirates of the Caribbean– pirate scenes may be frightening to some small children as well as skeletons and canons being fired
  • Splash Mountain– even if they aren’t afraid of the drop, the dark part where the animatronics get creepy might get to them
  • Space Mountain– not the most intense roller coaster, but still potentially frightening since it’s completely in the dark


  • Mission Space- either version may induce claustrophobia
  • Spaceship Earth- this ride is slow and tame but there are prolonged periods of darkness
  • Soarin’– scary for those who are afraid of heights

Hollywood Studios

  • Fantasmic (evening show)- villains, loud noises, and special effects may frighten small children
  • Tower of Terror– creepy voice and imagery, this ride is designed to scare you
height restrictions in Disney
Hint: if it has the word “terror” in its name, it might frighten your child

Animal Kingdom

  • DINOSAUR– In-your-face angry animatronic dinosaurs are intense, as well as periods of darkness
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug– 3D movie features bugs and spiders jumping off of walls and dropping from the ceiling; can even frighten some adults
  • Kali River Rapids- some riders will get a little wet, while others will get completely dumped on with water. If your child is afraid of having water poured on their head, don’t chance it.
  • Expedition Everest– your 5 or 6 year old may be tall enough to ride, but that doesn’t mean they should! It is intense, jerky, appears as though the track has been ripped up, then goes backwards, and is centered around a scary monster (the Yeti) in the mountain.

Motion sickness potential

height restrictions in disney
The teacups: innocent kiddie ride, or your worst nightmare? Photo credit:

If you or one of your kids is prone to motion sickness, look over this list and figure out which ones you’ll want to avoid. Some people are bothered by spinning, while other people can’t handle simulators or going upside down. You likely won’t need to avoid this whole list, just the ones with the type of motion that bothers you.

Magic Kingdom

  • Mad Tea Party (the Teacups)– Spinning. Lots of spinning.
  • Space Mountain-  fast roller coaster with some sharp turns
  • Dumbo, Astro Orbiter, Magic Carpets– these are all tame, but may affect those who can’t take spinning


  • Mission Space (Mars/Orange Edition)– most notorious ride in all of WDW for inducing “protein spills”. Centrifuge ride with G forces can make people sick who aren’t normally prone to motion sickness.
  • Soarin’– gentle ride but might be problematic to those very sensitive to motion simulators

Hollywood Studios

  • Star Tours- a jerky motion simulator that makes you think you’re traveling wildly through space
  • Tower of Terror- sudden drops, free-fall sensation
  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster– high speed roller coaster with 3 inversions

Animal Kingdom

height restrictions in Disney
DINOSAUR could leave you queasy AND terrified
  • DINOSAUR- super jerky and rough with sudden stops
  • Primeval Whirl– nicknamed “Primeval Hurl” due to spinning and hairpin turns
  • Expedition Everest- high speed roller coaster which also goes backwards, leaves lots of people green
  • Flight of Passage– motion simulator with some drops

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8 Tips For Raising Kids With Less Entitlement and More Gratitude

Raising Kids With Less Entitlement and More Gratitude Real Mom Recs

Before even having kids, my husband and I were already having conversations about how we planned to parent. One of the main themes that always came up was not wanting to raise kids who are bratty and entitled.

How did that work out for us? I think this meme just about sums it up:

raising kids with less entitlement

Like most things parenting-related, raising kids without entitlement has proven harder than we thought.

Not that my kids are super bratty or anything. I have certainly seen worse. But I thought my husband’s head was going to turn all the way around by the end of our last family vacation– after we had doled out money for treats, hotels, water park admission, and more- and the kids were relentlessly asking for extras. “I want to do the rock climbing wall!” “Look, they have an arcade! Can we go there???” “Can we get room service, Daddy? WHY NOT?!”

It wasn’t pretty.

After that experience, I started re-evaluating our approach on the entitlement front. We’ve been consistent with some of these strategies from the beginning, and others we just starting to focus on now. But here are the 8 ways we are working towards raising kids with less entitlement and more gratitude.

1. Hone in on your parenting goal

The first step to raising kids without a sense of entitlement starts with you, the parent, making a shift in your mindset. Like a you would with any business or job, come up with your parenting mission statement.

I always cringe a little when I hear parents say “All I want is for my child to be happy”. If your goal is simply to make your child happy, you are well on your way to raising a spoiled, entitled person who thinks life is all about their own happiness.

Instead let’s say your goal is to raise an independent adult, a contributing member of society, or just a general decent person. Would this change the way you parent? Instead of giving him things to make him happy, you’d be giving him skills to lead a productive life.

2. Teach empathy

Just look at any toddler and you can tell that empathy isn’t something that comes naturally to humans. Small children are completely egocentric beings, thinking only about what they want without regard for others. Clearly this isn’t a trait that we want to continue beyond toddlerhood, so it’s up to us to teach them. Here are some first steps:

-Model kindness and spell it out. Say out loud when you’re doing something for others and explain why. “I’m making a sandwich for Daddy because he is running late this morning and I think he would feel happy if I helped him”. “I’m bringing this soup over to Grandma because she is sick and I’d like to help her feel better.” Kids copy what they see us do.

-Give them the vocabulary to describe feelings. When I worked as a child therapist, this was always my starting point with clients. It’s amazing how many children think the only emotions are happy and sad. Some kids will throw in mad, but that is where it ends. Teach your children as many feelings as you can think of, including frustration, jealousy, pride, loneliness, and guilt. Name these emotions in real life when you see them. “I can see that you wish you had that doll your sister has. It looks like you might be feeling jealous. It is ok to feel that way, it’s just not OK to grab it out of her hand.”

-Ask them questions about how others are feeling. This can be from a book or real life. “How do you think the character felt when his brother was teasing him? How would you feel if that happened to you?” With enough practice, kids will begin to consider others’ feelings on their own.

-Have them come up with their own solutions. When kids fight with friends or siblings, don’t just force an apology. Have the child consider how the other person felt as a result of their actions. Then ask the child what they think would make the other person feel better. This will teach them empathy as well as problem solving.

3. Express gratitude

Gratitude is the antidote to entitlement. It’s about appreciating what you have instead of always needing the next thing.

Raising Kids With Less Entitlement

Having kids say “thank you” is a start. Remember, if they don’t say thank you when you hand them their PBJ at lunch time, they aren’t going to say thank you when they’re at a friend’s house or at school. (Have you ever volunteered in your kid’s class and only heard one or two “thank you”s when passing something out? Doesn’t it stand out in your mind which kids actually said it?)

The next step is to express what you’re grateful for. If you just ask kids what they’re grateful for, you will probably get the knee-jerk Thanksgiving response: “I’m grateful for my family” or the like. Be more specific. When something bad happens, have them look for the good. Teach them the skill of finding the positive in any situation.

One easy trick to work on this skill is to go around the dinner table each night and answer the question “what was something good that happened today?” Even if the child had a tough day, this will help them look for the good. Parents should answer the question as well to model (and it’s never a bad idea for adults to practice daily gratitude too!).

4. Contribute to the household

Raising Kids with Less Entitlement

Kids aren’t going to appreciate all the work their parents put into running the household if they have no idea what that work is. Doing household chores themselves gives kids a sense of how much effort goes into putting that meal on the table and having clean clothes in their drawers.

Contributing to the household gives children a sense of purpose and responsibility, which builds their confidence in an intrinsic way (without praise from outside sources). It also reinforces their role in the family and gives them a sense of belonging. There is so much written about the benefits of doing chores, it’s surprising how few families actually practice it.

5. Build work ethic

You know that feeling of elation you get when you’ve been working really hard at something and you finally achieve it? Don’t deny your children that feeling by doing everything for them. In fact, a good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t do anything for your kids that they are able to do themselves.

As parents, when we see our children struggling with something, our inclination is to swoop in and help. Instead, try encouraging persistence. If they still aren’t getting it, try giving them a strategy to try.

Have a kid who likes to quit as soon as things get tough? (I have one of those). Try to re-write their internal script. Reminisce with them about a time they achieved something by working for it, like learning to ride a bike or tie their shoes. Remind them how their hard work paid off. A can-do attitude and encouragement from Mom and Dad will get them a lot farther than having someone else do it for them.

6. Manners are a Must


Yes, my kids shout demands at me sometimes like they are the master and I’m a doll-fetching robot.

If your kids ever do this to you, no judgement from me. But if you allow it and actually do what they demand, I’m throwing you some serious shade.

Do not let your child speak to you in a way you wouldn’t let your husband (or friend, or coworker, or stranger on the street) speak to you. You can’t expect kids to treat others with respect if they treat their family members like dirt. Feed them the appropriate words to use and don’t give them what they want until they ask politely. It might take 1,000 repetitions, but that’s how habits are made.

Hot tip: “MOMMYYYYY, I’M HUNGRYYYYYY!” is not an acceptable way to ask for food. 😉

7. Wanting something is not a good enough reason

Whenever we hear one of our children start their sentence with “I want” this is the reaction they get:

Raising kids with less entitlement

If it’s just a glass of milk they want, they can simply rephrase it to “may I have a glass of milk please?” But if it’s something along the lines of “I want you to buy me that!” they are consistently told that wanting something is not reason enough for getting it.

Differentiating between a want and a need is critical for children to understand. When they see something they want, you can ask, “Is this something you need?” Sometimes I will throw in “Did you bring your own money to buy it?” If the answer to these are “no”, then they are swiftly told put it on their birthday or Christmas list and we just keep on walking.

8. Get into the spirit of giving

After a few Christmases where our kids were very much focused on getting ALL THE THINGS, we decided to try a different approach. We took each child shopping individually (this was a big deal in itself because with 4 kids it’s always a big deal to do something with just one child!), gave them a budget, and let them buy gifts for the other three siblings.

Instead of writing a wish list about what they wanted, we had them brainstorm a list of ideas they thought their siblings would like. After they went shopping, they got to wrap the gifts with the help of Mom, choosing which paper each sibling would like and writing cards to their brothers and sisters.

This small gesture changed the entire focus of Christmas for the kids. After opening their stocking presents, they BEGGED to give out their gifts. Each child squealed with delight when the present they gave was being opened. The receiver of the gift appreciated the small toy so much more knowing their sibling had put thought and effort into the gift. Unprompted, they hugged each other after opening each one.

*Cue the proud, teary-eyed parents smiling at one another.*

By shifting the focus from receiving to giving, the kids acted much less greedy and more loving that Christmas morning. This prompted us to think of ways for the kids to “give back” all throughout the year. Here are some ways you can try:


Raising Kids Without Entitlement Real Mom Recs

With some creativity and lots of persistence, we are hoping these strategies help us to raise grateful, un-entitled kids.

Any other ideas that have worked for you to reduce entitlement? Leave a comment!

How I Made $233.86 Just By Doing My Regular Online Shopping: One Simple Tool EVERY Mom Should Be Using

Money making tool Real Mom Recs Ebates

Back in my former life, I think I remember that I used to like going shopping. Whenever I was bored, I used to go out and buy clothes, shoes, and makeup for myself just because. That’s all a distant memory now, and I’m pretty sure I’m wearing underwear I purchased before my wedding. These days, ALL of my shopping activity abides by two principles:

1. I will avoid bringing small children into a store at all costs. This means I pretty much never buy anything for myself. It also means online shopping is my best friend!


2. Every season my kids seem to need an entire new wardrobe. Yeah, when people said kids were expensive, they weren’t kidding. Their clothes are either outgrown or just plain DESTROYED after a matter of months. Even though I have two boys and two girls, I’ve barely had any success at using hand me downs among my kids because the age gap is large and the clothes rarely survive the first owner.

Doing all this online shopping for kids clothes (OK, and occasionally for myself too), I’m always on the lookout for deals and discounts. I’m also a huge skeptic so it takes a lot for me to be convinced to try something.

Eventually, a friend talked me into trying Ebates. Of everything I’ve seen, it is one of the best money saving tools for Moms.

The concept is super simple. When you need to buy something online, go through their site and you get a specified percentage of cash back on your purchase. The stores include just about all of our go-tos: Gap, Carter’s, Old Navy, Land’s End, Macy’s, and more. You can also get cash back on toys and other purchases at other retailers like the Disney Store, Target, and Amazon. Here is just a small selection of the stores that you shop through Ebates:

Ebates money saving online shopping

The EASIEST way to shop with Ebates is to install a little browser button that will light up red anytime it sees you’re about to make a purchase through one of their stores. Then all you need to do is click the Ebates button and your cash back percentage will be applied.

It will automatically apply any coupon codes that are active too!

Once a quarter, all your cash back will be totaled up and they’ll mail you a check. SUPER SIMPLE!

Just in case you think I’m full of what the dogs eat, here is a screen shot of my Ebates account showing my account total of $233.86 in the upper right corner:

Ebates cash back money saving online shopping RealMomRecs

You can also see each purchase I made that quarter and how much cash back it earned me.

Sound interesting? Check it out and sign up here:

Any other Moms using Ebates? How much have you made so far? Any other awesome money saving sites I should know about? Leave a comment!

For more about money saving tools with online shopping, check out my post about how I’m obsessed with Amazon Prime.

Blogging Income and Traffic Report Month 4

July wraps up my 4th month of blogging and it was chock full of highs and lows. I failed on some of my goals and saw some success on others.

I’m cutting myself a break on the areas I didn’t excel in this month, keeping in mind that I had all four kids home with me the entire month of July. Not exactly conducive to productivity (<—- understatement of the century). We also went on vacation and had to deal with a miserable baby with roseola, so that didn’t exactly work in my favor either.

Even with these factors, I still managed to increase my page views, income, and social media following this month.

Real Mom Recs meme

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click one of the product links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Why do I write income reports?

First of all, I want to write these because I love reading other people’s!  It is fascinating to me to see how other people have grown their blogs. Not just income, but also page views, visitors, and social media following. I am always super impressed to see how someone can start out so small and then start gaining traction and then BOOM– it takes off! Reading other blogger’s income reports has been hugely motivating for me.

Secondly, I’m a numbers girl. I enjoy seeing data in tables and on graphs. It makes something creative and subjective (writing) into something measurable.

The last reason I have for writing and sharing income reports is to force myself to look at my progress each month.  Blogging can be a frustrating endeavor and I want to make sure I look back and celebrate my successes.  Seeing my growth will also allow me to create realistic, manageable goals for the next 30 days.

Month 4 Revenue

Still nothing to brag about in this section, but I did see an increase in my revenue compared to the $22 bucks I made last month.

Google Adsense: $27

Affiliate income: $4.30

Sponsored posts: $9.02

I didn’t accomplish my goal of writing a sponsored post, but I did get a couple small (ok more like TEENY-TINY) sponsored social media posts, which is where the 9 bucks came from.

Total revenue: $40.32

Month 4 Expenses

Since my Bluehost hosting package is prepaid for the year, I didn’t spend any money this month. *They are still running their Summer Sale for 25% hosting packages, so if you are in the market for your very own .com, .net. or .org domain, jump on it:

I do want to invest back into my site so I’m trying to figure out how to best do that. Debating between doing some social media promo, a Tailwind subscription, or both.

Total expenses: $0

How I did on my goals for this month:

  • Up my SEO game: Meh. I use Yoast SEO and try to have all my posts in the green. Other than that I’m not doing anything huge in the SEO department.
  • Land my first sponsored post: Fail. I did get those teeny tiny sponsored social media posts though, so not a total fail. Gotta start somewhere.
  • Continue to grow my InstagramCheck! I went from 503 to 758 followers in the month of July. It still isn’t my favorite platform, but I’m making progress.
  • Increase Twitter followers: Check! Twitter is becoming my favorite platform now that I’ve connected with so many funny people on there. It can be a bit of a time suck, but at least I’m enjoying myself. I went from 1205 to 1613 followers this month.
  • Write for a site that’s bigger than mine: Check! It won’t go live until September, but I did write a post for a pretty awesome blog and I can’t wait to share when it’s up!
  • 16,000 page views: Fail. But I still had a record high month with 11,667 page views, so no hard feelings here.
  • A greater net profit than I made this month: Check! I increased my paltry income by 80%.

Other accomplishments: I started a Facebook page! Now I’m pretty sure I’m on everything!

Most popular posts of July:

Two of my Disney posts took off this month, which leaves me in a contemplative state. I’m such a huge Disney fan, but I didn’t intend for this to become a straight up Disney blog. Should I separate it out into two different blogs? Just leave this site as a mix of Mom topics? I do have a HUGE idea in the works that is Disney-related, but I don’t want to turn off my readers who come here to read about parenting topics. I’m open to input on this if you feel like leaving your 2 cents in the comments or by email!

Am I a Mom blogger? Or a Disney blogger?

Anyway, here are my most-read posts this month:

5 Most Underrated Attractions at Walt Disney World

Disney souvenirs RealMomRecs

RealMomRecs 25 Quotes That Will Make You Smile

RealMomRecs The Worst Kinds of Moms the Rest of Us Can't Stand

Goals for next month:

  • Continue to increase my social media following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Do more guest posting
  • Work on “branding” Real Mom Recs (having consistent colors, fonts, etc across all platforms).
  • Write a sponsored post or at least more sponsored social media mentions
  • Write more parenting humor and practical parenting advice articles
  • Start my big surprise Disney project!

That should be enough to keep me busy! 😀

Interested in starting your own blog? Check out my step by step directions in last month’s report: How I got 11,000 page views (and finally made a profit!) in my 3rd month of blogging

Until next time!

Our Family Vacation in Crappy Cell Phone Pics

Real Mom Recs family vacation

You know that Onion article called “Mom Spends Beach Vacation Assuming All Household Duties In Closer Proximity To Ocean”? Our family vacation had a healthy dose of THAT.

Traveling with kids is never really a vacation for the parents who still need to do all their regular tasks just in a different place. In addition to that, I pretty much ignored all of my own travel advice, threw the kids completely off their schedules, and overstimulated them. We did make some pretty awesome memories through all of that too. We got to visit with extended family and make a few fun stops on the way back.

Check out our family vacation through my crappy cell phone pics!

(And lest you think these are just the outtakes and we have some pretty looking album full of nice pictures somewhere… NOPE. These are it.)

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

John and the girls drove, while I flew down with those-who-can’t-handle-long-car-rides. Use your imagination about the other plane passengers passing by the open seat next to us. Us being the lady with the baby and hyperactive little boy. The first 50 people to pass us by smirked as if to say “NOT IT!” and the unlucky winner (with no other option) reluctantly sat down next to us. I almost felt bad for the poor sucker, until I realized the only worse seat on the plane was MINE.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

Zari, as the plane is ascending into the clouds: “wait, are we gonna see GOD anywhere up here???” (To buy a minute of quiet I told him “maybe if you look really really hard”.)

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

We were visiting family for a baptism, so you can see how delighted the kids were to be spending their vacation going to church.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

I dressed the kids cute, so I get faces like these.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

“Here Dad, let’s play that fun game where I take my shoe off and then you have to put it back on. How else am I supposed to spend an hour in church???”

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

That sweet family photo where Mom and Dad are trying their best not to lose it on the one kid who keeps ruining the picture.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

I told them to look like they like each other and I’m pretty sure Tiana’s giving me the kid-version of the middle finger.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

That time I sat there taking pics of my kid without even realizing he was playing with a DIRTY CIGARETTE BUTT. Still waiting for that Mom of the Year trophy.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

How did I not notice that my son has the gangliest arms on the planet before taking this picture?

Real Mom Recs family vacation

That picture where Tiana is trying not to pee her pants because she needs to go and there are fountains everywhere.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

“Hey Mom, anytime you want to stop forcing me to smile while being blinded by direct sunlight, that would be greeeeeat.”

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

Apparently kids really can sleep anywhere. The trick is you need to sleep torture them for three days first.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone picsVacation day 4: Baby wakes up with a suspicious rash, and we realize he hasn’t just been tired and miserable from traveling but because he has roseola. (Where is that trophy, anyway?)

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

We still need to make this trip fun for the non-sick kiddos, so let’s just go ahead and get them ice cream cones bigger than their heads and hope for the best.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

Water park day. No idea why Tiana thinks she needs to hold her breath while sitting on a giant tube in the open air.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

All of my kids love lazy rivers, which is proof that they take pleasure in seeing their parents in an extended state of panic.

Family vacation in crappy cell phone pics

Water park trip: great fun for 3/4 of the my children

RealMomRecs family vacation

Looking into the lake… T:”Look, a fish.”
Z: “Wow, a turtle too!”
E: “Well, I see a shark…” 😆

Real Mom Recs family vacation

Science center fun! Sicky boy is feeling much better and would like to spend the entire day driving this pretend ambulance.

Real Mom Recs family vacation

Why is it that being sick so unfun, but pretending to be sick is super fun?

RealMomRecs family vacation fun

“Sure Mom, just keep sitting there taking that picture while I do all the work around here!”

RMR family vacation

Thanks to this fun simulator, the kids are now wishing for our house to get hit by a tornado.

Vacation came to an end, and we all made it back in one piece. 82 loads of laundry later, life is back to business as usual. I’ll get around to putting those suitcases away one of these days.

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