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H Names For Boys: From Hamal to Huxley

Are you looking for a list of top names starting from letter H? Maybe you are looking to complete a sibling set of all H names. Maybe you follow traditional Hindu naming practices where the date of birth requires a name that starts with H. Or, maybe you just really like H names! Whatever the reason, we have ALL the H names for boys right here.

For ease of use, I’ve broken the list into Indian H names and all other (American) boy names starting with H. Each name on the list includes the meaning and origin.

H Names For Boys

Indian names starting with H

Click here if you want to see all my modern Hindu baby boy names (starting with H and all other letters)!

Hamal     lamb

Hamza     strong, steadfast

Hari      remover of evil, lord Krishna

Harish     lord Vishnu

Harshad      bringer of joy

Harshil     kind hearted, joyful

Harun     mountain of strength

Hassan     good looking

Hashim      he breaks

Hemang      one with shining body

Hemant     gold

Himesh     snow king

Hitesh       thinks well of everyone

Hredhaan      one with great heart

Hriday     heart

Hrithik      intelligent person

H names for boys with Indian / Hindu origin

For more Indian baby boy names, Pampers India has a nice list of 200 modern name options, with meanings.

Boy names with H (all origins)

I know you’re not ALL here for the Hindu boy names, so here is my list of H names for English speakers of all backgrounds, with origin and meaning included.

Hadden      English origin, “heathery hill”

Hadrian      Latin origin, “dark haired”. Variant: Hadrien

Hadwin      English origin, “war friend”

Hagan      Irish origin, “little fire”. Variant: Hagen

Hal      German origin, diminutive of Harold and Henry

Halbert      English origin, “brilliant hero”

Halcyon      Greek origin, “kingfisher bird”

Halden      Scandinavian origin, “half Danish”

Hale      English origin, “lives in a hollow”

Hallam      English origin, “at the rocks”

Hamilton      English origin, “treeless hill”

Hampton      English origin, “home settlement”

Hank       German origin, diminutive form of Henry, meaning “estate ruler”

Hannan      Arabic origin, “having warm feelings”. Variant: Hannon

Hans      German diminutive of Johannes

Hansel      German origin, “God is gracious”

Hanson    Scandinavian origin, “son of Hans”. Variant: Hansen

Harlem      American place name

Harley      English origin, “hare clearing”

Hartley      English origin, “stag meadow”

Harlow     English origin, “rocky hill”

Harold      Scandinavian origin, “army ruler”

Harris     English origin, “son of Harry”

Harrison      English origin, “son of Harry”

Harry      German origin, “estate ruler”

Harvey      French origin, “battle worthy”

Hawk     Nature name (hawk)

Baby boy names starting with H

Hawkins      English origin, surname diminutive of Hawk

Hawthorne     English origin, “lives where the hawthorn hedges grow”

Hayden      English origin, “fire”

Hayes      English origin, “hedged area”

Heath      English origin, “the heathland dweller”

Hector     Greek origin, “holding fast”

Hemi      Hebrew form of “James”

Hendrix     Dutch origin, variant of Hendrik

Looking for unique boy’s name? How about something cool and modern? I’ve got a list for that!

Henley     English origin, “high meadow”

Henry      German origin, “estate ruler”

Herbert      German origin, “bright army”

Hercules      Greek origin, “powerful” and “glory of Hera”

Herman      German origin, “warrior”

Hershel      Hebrew origin, “deer”

Heston     English place name

Hezekiah    Hebrew origin, “God gives strength”

Hiram      Hebrew origin, “my brother is exalted”

Hiro      Japanese origin, “broad, widespread”

Hobart       English variation of Hubert

Holden      English origin, “hollow valley”

Holland      Dutch place name (a gender neutral name)

Horatio      Latin origin, “hour, time”

Houston      Scottish origin, “Hugh’s town”

Howard      German origin, “high guard”

Hubert      German origin, “bright intellect”

Hudson      English origin, “Hugh’s son”

Hugh      English origin, “mind, intellect”

Hugo      Latin variant of Hugh

Hunter      English origin, “one who hunts”

Hurley      Irish origin, “sea tide”

Hux      English origin, shortened form of Huxley

Huxley      English origin, “inhospitable place”

What is your reason for choosing an H name? What is your favorite boy name starting with H?

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