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Welsh Girls Names You’ll Want To Steal For Your Baby

My love for baby names has extended into many different languages and cultures, and Welsh names are some of the most beautiful I’ve found. You certainly don’t need to be from Wales to choose one of these stunning old Welsh girls names for your baby.


Welsh girls names

The most beautiful and popular Welsh girls names


Pronounced “Eye-ra”, this gorgeous name is the perfect choice is you love the recently trendy baby name “Isla” but want something less popular. It means snow, so it’s especially fitting if you’re having a winter baby.


This variant of Mary is easy to read and pronounce, but just unique enough to stand out. It means bitter.


Don’t let the spelling scare you away. You say it like “fleer”, and it’s another nature name meaning flora.


As the legend goes, Guinevere was King Arthur’s beautiful queen. It means fair lady.


Cute baby girl with Welsh name Aerona

Beautiful and feminine, Aerona means fruit or berry.


Whether you say it like “haff” or “halve”, this unique name meaning summer is a great option for a summer baby.


Pronounced “ah-well” just like it’s spelled, this short and simple name is even prettier when you learn it means gentle breeze.


Seren is said just as you’d expect and it means star. It has started showing up on the U.S. naming charts in the last few years.


A shortened form of the Welsh “Megan”, Megha is a sweet and cute name meaning pearl.


Another name that’s easy to pronounce, Bronwen means fair and is starting to catch on here the in the States. Alternate spelling: Bronwyn.


Also written as “Siân”, this Welsh form of Jane is pronounced like “Shaan” and means God is gracious.


Baby girl with hooded sweater with the Welsh name Addiena

Welsh for beautiful, Addiena could certainly catch on here in the States given the popularity of names like Addie, Addison, and Addilyn.


This one you’ve no doubt heard before. Teagan is a fun, spunky name meaning beautiful.


Pronounced “Ire-liss”, this name strikes me as both strong and cute. It means snowdrop.


Hoping for a daughter that is cheerful, bright and pleasant? That’s the meaning of this name, pronounced “Sirr-yol”.


Remember the romantic story of Tristan and Isolde? This Welsh name meaning ice ruler makes a beautiful and romantic choice.


Welsh Girls Names

You will sometimes see it spelled as the modern name “Karis”, in place of the traditional Carys- but both mean love.


A simple and straightforward name meaning white tracks, Olwen was a character from Celtic mythology.


Expecting a springtime baby? This cute Welsh girls name means born in April. 


Meaning laurel, Lowri is an appealing name that seems unusual but is quite common in Wales.


Pronounced “En-viss”, this name meaning rainbow will certainly set your daughter apart.


This well-known name means Great Queen and is associated with radiance and light.


This sophisticated stunner of a name means white wave.


Another gorgeous Welsh girl name, Gisal is a form of Giselle and means “pledge”.


Welsh Girls Names with cute baby girl named Rhedyn

Meaning fern, Rhedyn is unique yet familiar given its similarity to the many trendy names rhyming with “Aidan”.


This name is about as feminine sounding as it gets, and derives from bird-catcher.


Similar to the modern American “Ellery”, this traditional Welsh name has the alternate pronunciation El-AYR-ee and means bitter. According to Nameberry, both a legendary princess and a Welsh river have the name Eleri.


This high-society old fashioned name means wealthy.


Meaning large homestead, this Welsh name has the advantage of being easy to read and say in many different languages.


This lovely, simple name is a great gender neutral name choice meaning fair or pure. It makes a pretty name on its own, or it can be paired with a longer name for a short and sweet middle name.

Do you have a favorite Welsh girls name? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Haha, thanks Maegan! I’m always so intrigued by new (to me!) and different names. I think I’d need a whole tank of fish to be able to use all the names I’ll never get to use on babies!

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