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Beautiful Girl Names You Don’t Hear Every Day

Many parents are looking to make their child stand out when they choose a baby name. Others just want a gorgeous name that fits their child and are ok with it being well-known. These beautiful girl names perfectly fit that description.

While not entirely unique (you’ve probably heard them all before), they also aren’t names you hear over and over.

If you’re looking for a beautiful girl name that isn’t super popular but also not unheard of, this is a great list for you. None of these names are ranked in the top 30 according to social security.

Beautiful girl names that are less popular


Alternately spelled Lilah, Lila is a lovely name that has never been in the top 100 most popular names.


This name has a similar feel to several super popular girl names: Ava, Maya, and Amelia. If you like the style of those, Amaya is a gorgeous underused choice.


Gwendolyn is a beautiful Welsh name meaning white ring, and comes with the cute, spunky nickname Gwen.


A pretty name with tons of pop culture associations (remember the Simon and Garfunkel song?) Cecilia is a well-known name that amazingly hasn’t hit the top of the charts.


The epitome of understated beauty! Caroline is a classic, feminine name that is a perfect if you want to avoid anything too trendy.


Beautiful girl names- Lorelei

If you don’t count characters from Gilmore Girls, chances are you haven’t met more than one or two people named Lorelei in your life. This beautiful name has a modern, exotic feel without being too complicated or “out there”.


Alternately spelled Hallie, Halle is a simple but lovely name of Norse origin. You may be surprised to know that at one point in history it was a masculine name (diminutive form of Harald), making this a former boy name turned over to the girls.


Fans aren’t only looking for Disney inspired boy names, they are taking the lead from female characters too! Aurora is the true name of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and it is the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise as well. Mythology says that her tears turned to the morning dew.


There is no shortage of beautiful famous Natalies out there between Natalie Cole, Natalie Wood, and Natalie Portman. Narrowly missing the top ten at its peak in 2008, Natalie has held steady in the thirties for the last several years.


An old-fashioned name with a modern feel, Cora is as pretty as it is simple. Use alone or as a nickname for Coralie, Cordelia, or Coraline.


If you like elegant girl names, Cynthia is a posh, classy choice.


Imani is a gorgeous name of Arabic origin that is easy to spell and pronounce in a wide variety of languages.


A less popular but just as nice choice as all the hot El- names right now, Eliana has a great soft flow.


Melodic and feminine Angelina is a sweet, beautiful girl name choice.


Camille is a sleek, glamorous French name that has held steady around the 200s in the popularity.


A Hebrew name meaning life, short and sweet 3 letter name Eva can be pronounced EE-va or AY-va.


Channel Audrey Hepburn with this Hollywood glam old fashioned name.


Milena- beautiful girl names

A top baby name in Poland, Milena is completely underused in the U.S., barely breaking the top 1000 girl names.


A French name meaning victorious, Nicolette balances class and sweetness.


Oriana is actually a medieval name, but sounds like a contemporary take on Ariana or Briana.


A gorgeous and versatile Italian name, Sienna can also be spelled Siena like the city in Tuscany.


This beautiful feminine name is uncommon but feels familiar because of its popular components, Emma and -lyn.


A cross-cultural gem, Mira has roots in Spanish, Arabic, and Slavic languages.


Whether you spell it Janiyah, Janaya, or Janiah, this pretty name is widely known but not overused.


A lovely choice for any music lover, Melody is a Greek name meaning song. (Similarly, Harmony makes another beautiful girl name!)


Beautiful girl names you don't hear every day

Don’t be scared by the spelling! This Irish beauty is pronounced “Ro-sheen” and it means rose. I think we have our answer to “would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?”


This fun, spunky name means “happy”. What greater wish could you have for your daughter?


It peaked in popularity in the 1990s, but Alyssa is an uncommon choice for today’s baby girls.


The cute Briella easily lends itself to the nickname Brie or Ella. Take your pick, or leave it long.


Esme rose up the charts quickly thanks to the character from the popular Twilight saga, but it remains an underused choice hovering around number 500 on the charts.


A sweet choice among the country girl names, Callie works as a nickname or on its own.


Sophisticated Isla (pronounced eye-la) is a gentle-sounding name meaning island.


A Hindu name meaning night, Nisha has crossed over into the English speaking world and makes a beautiful name for any female.

Do you have a favorite of these beautiful girl names?

When it comes to girls names, there is no shortage of gorgeous choices. I’d love to hear any you’d like to add, whether popular or uncommon. Leave me a comment!

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