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Our fall in crappy cell phone pics

It’s been way too long since I captioned our crappy cell phone pics. The pics from September and October are still just as crappy as ever 😀 A lot of these are from my Halloween Disney trip with Tiana.


funny kid pics

The first day of school at our house


funny kid picsLuca channels his inner Taylor Swift: “Look what you made me do.”


funny kid pics

My daughter’s response when I asked her if I was her best friend.


funny kid pics

I’m not sure what Z was trying to write, but now I feel scared and keep checking for buobe crapps.


That face your kid gives you when you’ve told him there’s no more cookies and he catches you in a lie.


funny kid pics

Text from the husband while I’m away: “Are they allowed to be doing this ?”


funny kid pics

Zari misheard the photographer saying “smile” as “make sure to completely hide your upper lip.”


funny kid pics

Why did no one tell me that a $5 fidget spinner would delight and entertain my child for 2.5 hours? I would have sprung for the 50 pack.


funny kid pics

Why does this precious photo of Grandpa and Luca remind me of the start of an America’s Funniest Home Video clip?


File this one under “things parents let their kids do in the 80s that can get CPS called on you now”.


We never promote violence in our household. Except for that one toy where you get to make your favorite superheroes punch each other in the face until they fall over.

If you like finding glitter in your omelette 12 days after the fact, this face paint is for you.


I warned the kids this would happen if they woke up in the middle of the night one more time.


When your kid gets this happy about mixing candy it’s kind of like you could have skipped the trip to Disney and just taken them to that sketchy local movie theater.


When your mom brings you on a ride you absolutely hate and then forces you to pose for a picture in front of it.


 Thank you Disney for making the most Instagram-able beverage I’ve ever encountered.


Apparently the husband can’t take constructive criticism, because he didn’t appreciate me telling him I found a shirt with his picture on it.


When you’re trying to be in character but you just look extremely nauseated (T) and like you just soiled your pants (me).


Luca’s entire trick-or-treating loot. Pro tip: Don’t give your toddler a bag to collect candy. Each house they go to, they’ll drop the two pieces they have in their hands and take two more pieces.


Who else thinks we should make a petition to move Halloween to summer? Half the country can’t see anybody’s costumes under their winter coats!


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  1. This post really made me smile. The expression on your childrens’ face in some of the pics is priceless, so much better than posed and styled pictures. #mmbc

  2. I LOVE this! There’s a saying by one famous photographer or another and it goes something like “The best camera is the one you have with you.” It matters not the type of camera you have, or if the pictures come out perfect, but rather that you take the pictures in the first place. Thank you for sharing!

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