Our Week In Crappy Cell Phone Pics (6/29/17) - Real Mom Recs

Our Week In Crappy Cell Phone Pics (6/29/17)

RealMomRecs Our Week in Crappy Cell Phone Pics

School’s out now, so our crappy cell phone pics should reflect the utter chaos that is our current home life.

We are spending most of our days at the pool to avoid killing each other at home.


RealMomRecs Jun17

Push up pops always seem like a good idea until an over-excited kid pushes it all the way up, out, and into the dirt.


RealMomRecs crappy photos

Nothing says “classy” like a baby wearing only a diaper playing with a red Solo cup.


When you’re only 7 but you’re pretty much too cool for everything.


Brought the kids to watch a baseball game so they could eat their weight in junk food and still have no understanding of baseball.


Parenting riddle: How many fairs does a Mom need to attend before she realizes it’s pointless to try to take pictures of a moving ride?


Ice bucket challenge: toddler edition


I completely underestimated the level of humiliation a 7 and 8 year old could feel from an over-excited Mom wanting a pic of their first swim meet.


Adventures in grocery shopping with 4 kids, or “when parents bury their young in food products”.


Luca selfie

Kids today with their cell phones. It’s like they start taking selfies when they’re practically babies.


Letting 4 year olds walk along the stone wall and jump into an 8 year old’s arms: file that one under “seemed like a good idea at the time.”


When your kid gets her face painted and turns into a real life Snapchat filter.


RMR crappy photos

The kids got to go in these giant human hamster balls for the last day of school. When I was a kid we got our thrills from the possibility of being burned going down the big metal slide.



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  1. These are not crappy pics at all! Looks like your doing a great job of keeping your kids entertained so far! Lol! I’m also about to take my kids swimming so that they’re not annoying each other at home. Also it’s pretty hot outside so a trip to the pool sounds pretty good right now! 😄

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