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Our Week In Crappy Cell Phone Pics (6/8/17)

I’m hoping you’ll notice my pics are getting gradually less crappy. I’m on Instagram now (look at me trying to be a millennial or a Cool Mom or something!) so I’m putting some serious effort into learning how to take pictures that aren’t awful. Or as close to not-awful as you can get when you’re photographing uncooperative moving subjects with a cell phone.

Tiana had her dance recital, which means we dress her up like a clown and let her wear red lipstick and then smuggle her out during intermission so we don’t have to stay and watch the whole thing. (Told you I’m a slacker mom!)

Now that I’m trying to take cool pictures, we experiment with shots like this. We tell the small child it’s ok if we end up getting tackled after.

Zari was a rabbit in his first grade play. It was super cute, even if the acting left something to be desired.

Sometimes we take the kids to the beach even though it’s freezing out. The we yell at them to have a good time.


“Enough already Mom with the trying to take cool pictures! Can’t a baby just swing???”

Taught the kids the good old baking soda + vinegar trick. The next day I overhear kid2 to kid3: “We’re gonna need safety goggles for this!”

“Do something cute and act like you love each other! Don’t you know Mommy needs Instagram followers???”

When you’re trying to get a pretty picture of your kid’s new hair style, but also trying not to show that you’re at McDonalds.

Elle was so excited to get to school for “beach day”, we arrived there 10 minutes early. Trust me, this is news people!

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  1. This is all my pictures. I aim for quantity- just keep snapping and hope one of them looks good! I can’t get my crew to sit still. Forget sitting still and not messing with each other! Maybe if I let them tackle me… that’s a good idea. 🙂

    1. My kids are same way when I try to do group shots or posed pictures, that’s why I’m trying new things now! “Just run right at mommy, it’ll be fine!”

  2. I posed for some crappy cell phone pics today, for my daughter, which are destined to end up on Facebook. Me at the pool with her 3 littles. Me with no make-up, shaggy wet hair, and a baby pulling on my bathing suit exposing more granny cleavage than anyone should see. The glamor never ends.

  3. That’s so cool that you are experimenting with photography!! Do you use any editing tools? I have found Adobe Lightroom on the laptop, and Snapseed on the phone very useful! (Snapseed is free!). Your kids are adorable, you are so lucky! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tanmaya! I really do feel lucky to have these kiddos 🙂 I am just starting to experiment with some tools on my phone, sounds like I should check out Snapseed. Thanks for the rec!!

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