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Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

As a non-crafty person who attempts to be a crafty Mom, I am always looking for simple, low-prep crafts my kids will love. My children always get super excited about holidays, so our house starts getting covered in Halloween artwork long before October arrives. If you’re in need of some inspiration, I’ve compiled these easy Halloween crafts for kids from some amazing creative mamas.

These masterpieces also work well for kids to make at school. If you’re a preschool or kindergarten teacher, your students will love making these!

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

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Handprint Witch

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

I love this more-cute-than-creepy witch craft from The Best Ideas For Kids! It starts out with your child’s handprint, which makes it double as a keepsake to remember how little their hand was.

It also makes an adorable card if you want to give one to grandparents or teachers for Halloween.

Spooky pine cone spiders

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

The fun of this craft starts with a trip outdoors to hunt for the perfect pine cones. Add some paint, pipe cleaners, and stick-on eyes and you’ve got a spider that can be silly or spooky.

Follow the detailed step by step directions on MyPoppet.

My Harry Potter-obsessed son says these look like Aragog, so this would make a fun activity for a Harry Potter themed party too!

Felt pumpkin faces fridge magnets

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

Cut out as many felt faces as you like for your child to make their own little jack o’lanterns on the fridge!

The Flying Couponer came up with an easy way to keep the little ones entertained with this activity. All you do is cut out the felt and glue a small magnet onto each piece. Then let the kids go to town making different faces.

Easy Halloween Slime

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

If you have kids, you know they NEVER run out of reasons to make slime. This simple 3-ingredient slime recipe comes in three Halloween colors.

You can keep your slime in mason jars the kids can decorate to look like Frankenstein, pumpkin, and ghost.

These make awesome party favors for a child’s Halloween party as well. (One Halloween treat that isn’t candy? Win!)

Toilet paper roll witch

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

This cute craft from Fun Thrifty Mom requires some adult participation because it involves using a hot glue gun. Cutting the fringe on the dress out of construction paper is a fun way for them to practice their scissor skills while you handle the glue gun.

And the materials required for this little witch are probably things you already have on hand (I know we go through a toilet paper roll a day in my house!).

Halloween Playdough

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

This super fast play dough recipe consists of only 2 ingredients! Cornstarch and conditioner make up the basic recipe, with some additional ingredients like food coloring, flavoring, glitter, and googly eyes added to make the different Halloween varieties.

Throw in some Halloween cookie cutters and let kids go to town and enjoy some sensory play.

Check out the instructions on Meraki Mother for details!

Frankenstein Footprint Art

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

Here is an art project that can save and add to your stash of Halloween decorations.

Even babies can make one out of their tiny footprints.

My older kids love to paint on canvas, so this would make a great family project to work on together.

Find the tutorial at MidgetMomma.com.

Paper plate witch hat

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

This is not just a craft, it makes a witch hat you can actually wear!

Check out Cutesy Crafts for the directions and even a video of her modeling the hat.

Adult assistance is needed for the construction of the hat (it’s made from a paper plate and a paper party hat). Then you can let the kids go wild decorating them however they want! Halloween stickers and glitter glue will make it extra fun, or add whatever you happen to have on hand.

Black cat pumpkin

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

I am OBSESSED with all the amazing no-carve pumpkin ideas over at Fun Money Mom! This black cat is one of my favorites, but she has many other ideas my kids will love too, like emoji pumpkins, a Disney’s Cinderella themed pumpkin, and the golden snitch from Harry Potter! That covers all my kiddos’ favs with more ideas to spare.

Wooden Spoon Mummy

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

I love this idea from JanineHuldie.com because not only is it super easy, it’s super cheap too! She got all the supplies from the dollar store.

All you really need to get is a wooden spoon, which you paint black, and some packs of gauze. (I know my kids will want to wrap and wrap, so I’d get a lot of gauze.)

Add some eyes and a cute ribbon to hang it up with, and you’re done.

Pony bead pumpkin

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

Another cute one from Cutesy Crafts, this pumpkin is perfect for kids who love stringing beads. My kindergartener can’t get enough of beads, and she doesn’t even know she’s improving her fine motor skills when she does it.

The only supplies you need are the pony beads and a few different colors of pipe cleaners. Easy enough for even the least crafty moms.

Wishing everyone a safe, fun, and crafty Halloween!

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