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Adorable Halloween costumes for siblings

Ok maybe it’s just me, but I think one of the most fun parts of having kids is dressing them up in adorable costumes!

Halloween costumes for siblings

Once they hit age 4 or so and develop their own opinions about what they want to dress as, I’m seriously bummed 😆

I’m even more of a sucker for multiple coordinating Halloween costumes… case in point:

Exhibit A

Halloween costumes for siblings

Exhibit B

Halloween costumes for siblings

and C

Halloween costumes for siblings

Oh, and also D

Halloween costumes for siblings

3 of my kids are now old enough to decide their own costumes, which means I only have one little helpless victim to dress as I please. All I can do is is pine after these adorable Halloween costumes for siblings!

Elephant and peanut

Cuddly Elephant Costume

Peanut Costume – Infant

Firefighter and dalmation

Firefighter Costume Kids

Dalmatian Costume

Red riding hood and big bad wolf

Girls Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Baby Wolf Costume

UPS guy and “special delivery”

UPS Guy Boy’s Costume

adorable Halloween costumes for siblings

For the “special delivery”, make a costume out of a cardboard box or decorate a brown onesie, like this

Police officer and doughnut

Police Officer Costume

Doughnut Costume

Bumblebee and flower

Bumble Bee Toddler Costume

Baby Blossom

Football player and football

Football Player Child’s Costume

Baby Football Deluxe

Dorothy and lion

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

Baby Lil’ Lion Costume

Fisherman and fish

Toddler Fisherman

Gold Fish Bunting

Peter Pan and tinkerbell

Peter Pan: Child

Toddler Tinkerbelle Costume

Cowboy and horse

Melissa & Doug Cowboy Costume

Playful Pony Costume

Snow White and Dwarf

Enchanted Princess Costume

Infant Dwarf Costume

Jasmine and “Raja”

Jasmine Deluxe Disney Princess

Unisex-baby Tiger Costume

We have this particular tiger costume so I can attest the fact that it is in fact, adorable.

Halloween costumes for siblings
Tiger Zari

Now that I think about it, I could probably put this on Luca and talk Elle into being Jasmine! There may be one more year of adorable sibling costumes for us yet 😊

 What are your favorite Halloween costumes for siblings?



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  1. Great Costumes! I always think it’s so adorable when you see coordinated trick or treaters!! I also have one girl that I can pick the costumes. I am definitely going to miss it when she can pick her own!

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