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Free Printable Fathers Day Cards To Make Dad Feel Special

Dads might not admit it, but they love those sweet heartfelt gifts from their children as much as we do. Make Dad feel special this Father’s Day with these free printable Fathers Day cards!

free printable fathers day cards

Break out the crayons and let the kids fill out this card for Dad (or have them dictate and you do the writing if they’re little).

It’s always adorable to see Dad through his child’s eyes. We had a great laugh one Father’s Day when my oldest filled out one of these and we realized that she thought Daddy went to work to “play with paper”.


Here are some other printable Father’s Day goodies from some of my blogger friends!

Printable Tie Tag

Free Printable fathers day tie card

If you have an uber-practical Dad in your life, you’ll love this idea from The Suburban Mom! She dressed up some of his favorite shower products with a cute printable tie tag that says “You’re Suds A Great Dad”.  No money spent on something he doesn’t need, but still sweet and will make him feel good!

Papa Bear Card Printable Template

pattern for teddy bear fathers day cards

These bear cards are just too cute, especially if you like calling your man “Papa bear”! The Best Ideas For Kids made a printable template for them to make it super easy for you to do with the kids. Click here for the full instructions (including video) and to download your own template.

Footprint Superhero Card

Superhero footprint Father's Day card

Turn your baby, toddler or preschooler’s footprint into an adorable Father’s Day card that lets Dad know he’s your child’s real-life superhero. You can create a head for the superhero or add a photo of Dad to make it even more personalized. It’s extra cute for a first Father’s Day when baby can’t really make anything yet but has super cute footprints. This idea is from Messy Little Monster and you need to check out her post for the instructions and printable template.

Father’s Day Hands Down Printable
Fathers day card with child's handprints

Everything is done for you with this printable card, just add your child’s handprints. Super easy if you need something quick at the last minute. And your child’s handprints make it a very special keepsake. This one comes from Saving Dollars And Sense so jump on over to her site to download yours!

All About My Grandpa Father’s Day Printable

Father's Day cards for grandpa

Don’t leave out Grandpa this Father’s Day! He will love this thoughtful gift from his precious grandchildren. Christine from Where The Smiles Have Been really thought of everything- she has EIGHT different versions of this card for whatever name your kiddos call Grandpa. She’s got you covered with Grandpa, Grampy, Gramps, Papa, Papaw, Pop, Poppy, and Pappy! Just pick the version you want to download and print, then sit down and interview your child.

Personalized gifts couldn’t be easier with these free printable Fathers Day Cards!

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

(Looking for something similar for Mother’s Day? Check out my printable cards for Mom and Grandma.)

Wishing you all a fantastic Father’s Day with all the special Dads in your life!

Best of Disney World With Preschoolers

The 2-5 year old age bracket has spoken, and these are their favorite experiences at Walt Disney World! If you’re planning on doing Disney World with preschoolers, here are the attractions and experiences you can’t miss.

Download the free printable checklist to make sure you hit them all!

Disney World with preschoolers

None of these has a height limitation that would preclude a preschooler, nor are they potentially frightening for small children. (For a guide to all the height restrictions and potentially scary rides in Disney World, read this post.)

Magic Kingdom

It’s no surprise that the majority of preschoolers’ favorites are at Magic Kingdom. This is the park that has the most rides in general and by far the most for small children to do. If you’re planning a 5 day trip, I would recommend doing 2 Magic Kingdom days and 1 day at each of the other parks.

Town Square Mickey

Disney World with preschoolers

Aka Talking Mickey! Meeting characters is a huge source of excitement for most preschoolers, and the main mouse tends to draw the most excitement of all. Of all the places to meet Mickey, this one is not to be missed because he’s the only one that talks! He will greet your child, ask them questions and even tell jokes.

Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel

After walking through Cinderella’s castle, you will see every child’s eyes light up when they see the carousel. In fact, if you are rushing to another attraction you should probably take a different route to avoid walking by the carousel. If you walk by it, your kid is going to want to ride it right then!


It doesn’t matter that today’s tykes most likely have never seen the movie. They will still want to take a spin on the classic flying elephant! An added perk is that you don’t have to wait in line. When you enter the queue you will be handed a paging device which you hold onto while you relax/play in the air conditioned play area. While parents cool off and sit down to rest their legs, the little ones will love running and climbing.

Festival of Fantasy parade

A catchy song, dancers, all their favorite characters, and a fire breathing dragon? What’s not to like? Tip: keep kids under a sun-shaded stroller if you have a stroller. Most of the viewing areas are in direct sunlight and that pavement will cook you. Grab a spot and then send one parent to get them an ice cream and some ice water. It will help the wait go by and keep the kids cool.

Casey Jr. Splash and Soak

Speaking of keeping cool, if you’re visiting during one of the 9 months of the year when it’s hot at WDW, pack a change of clothes and let the kids get soaked at the Casey Jr. splash pad.

It’s A Small World

Disney Scrooges hold your tongue. The little ones truly enjoy this ride, and to them the song is fun, not annoying.

Walt Disney World Railroad

They say Walt himself was a lover of trains and that is why there are so many train-themed attractions in Disney World. Preschoolers may be too small or too scared to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Big Thunder, but they can certainly enjoy the quaint train ride that circles all of Magic Kingdom. BONUS: Use the train to get from one side of the park to the other if your need to rest your legs and take a break!

Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

Ariel fans will be captivated by this mini journey through the movie, taking you virtually under the sea and through all the major scenes from the movie. My 5 year old son was afraid of the larger-than-life Ursula, but I don’t expect most kids have that reaction.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Disney World with preschoolers

This one is a bit of a time commitment, so plan accordingly! It is well worth it to work it into your touring schedule. Disney magic transports you to the day Belle met the Beast in a way that leaves even adults wondering “how did they do that?” Many small children will get a role in the re-enactment that follows, putting them into the heart of the story.

Peter Pan’s Flight

The line is almost always long for this popular ride, so get to it first thing in the morning or better yet book a Fastpass! Kids love the sensation of flying when the pirate ship you boarded moves by suspension from the ceiling.

Tomorrowland Speedway

It kind of kills me to put this one on here, because it’s truly one of my least favorite Disney rides. The smell, the heat, the old cars that barely move… it’s pretty awful for adults. But this is about the preschool crowd and unfortunately they LOVE it. It’s every small child’s fantasy to drive a car and they manage to see past all its faults and enjoy this attraction.


Disney World with preschoolers

Frozen Ever After

Disney knew what it was doing by bringing Frozen to Epcot. Any parents who were considering skipping this park, which is known for lacking “kid appeal”, are now making a beeline for it so their little Frozen fans can ride this.

Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Summerhaus

Piggybacking off of the Frozen ride, you will also find Anna and Elsa’s meet and greet at Epcot. My son (the same one who was terrified of Ursula) was afraid that Elsa would “blast him with her ice powers” but I’m pretty sure every other preschooler is delighted to meet the Frozen duo.

Disney World with preschoolers

The Seas with Nemo and friends

Similar to the Little Mermaid ride at Magic Kingdom, Epcot has the Finding Nemo ride that makes you feel like you’re going under the sea. The building that houses this attraction has a fun little aquarium for kids to explore so plan to spend some time there.

Turtle Talk with Crush

Another attraction in the Seas building is this interactive experience with talking Crush, the hippie turtle from Finding Nemo. It’s really impressive to see how he actually responds to what the kids say, and he’s hilarious too. Another great example of Disney magic at work.

Hollywood Studios

Frozen Sing Along

Just in case your kiddos didn’t get their Frozen fix at Epcot, there’s the Frozen sing along at Hollywood Studios. Kids love the show, which will have everyone joining in to sing. Have you ever heard of this little tune… what’s it called again?… Let It Go?

Disney Junior Live on Stage

Disney World with preschoolers

This is a can’t-miss show for preschoolers. Join Mickey, Sophia, Jake, and Doc McStuffins in a live stage show with all their hit songs and plenty of surprises like bubbles and gold doubloons falling from the ceiling.

Toy Story Midway Mania

An all-around fun ride for young and old alike! Put on your 3D glasses and get spun around to a series of midway shooting-style games with all the Toy Story characters. You will want a Fastpass for this one as it’s very popular. Heads up: There will surely be other preschool favorites coming to Hollywood Studios soon with the addition of Toy Story Land, coming in the summer of 2018!

Animal Kingdom

Nope, it’s not a zoo. It’s definitely a theme park (and it’s my husband’s favorite!)

The Boneyard

Disney World with preschoolers

Make sure to take the little ones over to Dinoland USA to let them burn off some energy at the Boneyard, a very cool themed play area. In addition to running and climbing, kids can be mini paleontologists by digging up dinosaur remains with their shovel and pail. Do this one early before it heats up too much to be enjoyable.

The Festival of the Lion King

Don’t miss this captivating show with amazing costumes, music, and talented acrobats. It’s definitely a highlight of Animal Kingdom for the younger set who isn’t quite thrilled by the World of Avatar yet.

Kilimanjaro Sarafis

While Animal Kingdom isn’t a zoo, it does have animals. Board your jeep and drive through the terrain on this safari to see animals “on the loose” in their habitats (there are invisible enclosures). The giraffes, elephants, and lions were the highlight for my kids.

In addition to these 20, all ages will enjoy these 5 underrated Disney attractions

These are family favorites that you won’t find on every must-see Disney list.

Plus, 2 can’t miss bonus experiences

Disney World with preschoolers

Schedule some time at your hotel pool!

Parents might cringe at this, but when you ask a preschooler what their favorite part of the Disney World was, most often their answer is the hotel pool! Make sure to take breaks from the parks and let the kids go for a swim. All the Disney resorts have life jackets in various sizes that the kids can use.

And lastly, book a character meal!

There are so many great ones to choose from, I can’t recommend just one. Cinderella’s Royal Table or Akershus if you have princess fans, Chef Mickey’s or Tusker House if you want the classic Mickey characters, Crystal Palace for Winnie the Pooh and the gang… I could go on and on. Just pick one (or more than one) and book it. It’s a great way to get to meet multiple characters without waiting lines, and a fun way to eat a meal if your kids need some entertainment to enjoy a restaurant. Win-win.

If you’re planning to do Disney World with preschoolers, print this checklist to make sure you hit all the attractions they are sure to love!

Disney World with preschoolers

Click here to download and print!


Printable Mother’s Day Card for Grandma from Grandkids

This is the Mother’s Day card for Grandma from Grandkids (the Mom version of this card can be found here).


Thinking of a special way to acknowledge Grandma on Mother’s Day can be a bit of a challenge. One thing all grandmothers love (besides loading the kids up with sugar right before sending them home to Mom and Dad) is a handmade gift from their grandchildren!

This handwritten card will be an adorable keepsake for Grandma to see herself through her grandchild’s eyes.

My older kids who can read and write on their own answered  “I know my Grandma loves me because” with: “she always kisses me” and “she jumps up and down when I do something good.” And seeing as they have an Italian Grandma, of course they both said that she cooks the best meatballs.

Even preschoolers can answer these questions about Grandma. My 5 year old said that her Grandma likes to wear high heels (accurate!) and that Grandma’s favorite thing to do is have her over for a sleepover 💖

It’s true, my children are very lucky to have an amazing grandmother who spoils them and has them over often for dinner and sleepovers.

Since I lost my mother before the kids were born, my children only have their one Grandma. I’m extremely grateful that the one they have is such a huge part of their lives. She is like a second mother to them. It’s the least I can do to make her feel special and loved with a little gift for Mother’s Day.

It’s also always fun to see Grandma through the children’s eyes when they draw a picture of her. That is why I added the space to draw “My Grandma” in frame at the bottom.

Mother's Day card for Grandma

To download the Mother’s Day card for Grandma, CLICK HERE.

If you like this design and want to see what the kids have to say about YOU, head over to the Mom version of this same printable!

Do you give a gift to Grandma on Mother’s Day? Share in the comments!

Mother’s Day Cards to Make With the Kids


Searching for special homemade Mothers Day cards to make with the kids? Look no further than our free printable card you can download below!

I always love getting a card with my child’s own thoughts and handwriting on it. It’s so amusing to see what their thoughts are about us! And I had to put the age question on there because you know some kids think their Mom is 10 and other kids think she’s 100 😄

And of course I had to throw a sweet quote on there at the end. Is it even Mother’s Day if Mom’s not tearing up?

This card is to keep!

I rarely keep any greeting cards- let’s face it, they are the same year after year and usually the person just signs their name.

Kids’ artwork tends to go in the trash after a couple weeks on display as well. But these types of cards get filed in away in my special “keep” folder because I know my kids and I will have a good laugh looking back on them later.

One year my oldest filled out a card like this and shocked me with how well she knew me! She was in kindergarten and filled in the question “My mom always loves to…” with “go to Barnes and Noble.” She was 100% right, bookstores make me ridiculously happy. I was surprised that she knew this was one of my favorite things, especially since I typically go by myself when the kids are in school!

Not to be out-sweetened, I asked my younger daughter “what is Mommy’s favorite place?” and her answer was “wherever I am.” Cue heart melting!

Help Dad out

If you’re the Mom in your house, here is a little tip to help Dad out. Print these off for him and leave them where he will see them! Not too many Dads are searching Pinterest for these things, and they will be grateful for the assistance.

mothers day cards to make

To download the 8.5 x 11 PDF to print, CLICK HERE

Don’t worry- Grandma won’t be left out of the fun! The Grandmother version of this card can be found here.

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Keep the kids entertained at the kids’ table this Easter with these adorable printable Easter coloring pages!

Free printable easter coloring pages

4 pages include a chick, Easter basket, patterned eggs, and bunny. Simple and chunky designs mean even the youngest artist can enjoy.

printable Easter coloring pages

Just download and print as many as you want.


Elle and I got out the art materials (and some jelly beans to set the mood) and had an awesome little pastel-happy coloring session today. My kids love making art just about any day, but when there’s a holiday coming up they are even more excited to get creative about it!

free printable Easter coloring pages

With lots of cousins celebrating Easter with us this year, I’ll have to print off plenty of extras. It will be a very welcome ten minute break from the sugar rush 😄

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

If you love these, tell me what other types of coloring pages and printables you’d like me to make!