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What To Put In Your Baby’s Christmas Stocking

What could make the holidays more magical than having a new baby? I know when I was a first-time Mom I was so eager to start our family’s holiday traditions right away! Even though the little bundle of joy most likely won’t open a single present on his first Christmas, we still want to play Santa and fill baby’s Christmas stocking. The only question is, with what?

No parent wants to waste money or fill their house with junk, so stick with gifts that are practical. Even if it’s something the baby won’t need for another 6 months, it is still better than buying something useless. Here are my go-to items for filling a baby’s Christmas stocking.

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baby's Christmas stocking

Toothbrush and baby toothpaste

My big kids always get new toothbrushes in their stocking, so why can’t baby get one too? Even if he doesn’t have any teeth yet, eventually he’ll need this.

Wardrobe basics

Has your dryer eaten most of the baby’s little socks? Need to replace some stained white onesies? Throw them in the stocking! Even some PJs or an outfit in the next size up can be rolled up to fit.


Baby spoons, toddler forks, sippie cups, bibs… all things you can never have enough of.


We refer to these little puffs as “baby crack” because all our babies have been obsessed with them. Santa knows!


Keep baby entertained with a couple new infant toys, like these fun little maracas he can shake to his heart’s content.

Pro Tip: Take toys out of the packaging before you put them in the stocking. It will create more space for other gifts and save time on Christmas morning.

Board books

You can always start reading to your baby, no matter how young. Start or add to their book collection with some classic titles.


If your baby is a “binky kid”, you will mysteriously lose about 100 of these a month. Stock up at Christmas so you won’t run out at a most inconvenient time!

Or, if they are out of the sucking stage and on to chewing, go for a great teether.

Christmas Ornament

For my third child’s first Christmas, someone gave us this handprint keepsake ornament. You make a mold of your child’s handprint and then it hardens and you can hang it on your tree. Every year when I pull it out I marvel at how tiny her hand used to be!

Are you also looking for bigger gift ideas for your baby’s first Christmas?

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