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Unique Baby Names You’ll Fall In Love With

Searching high and low for the perfect uncommon name for your little one? Do you want your child’s name to be rare, but not weird? Here is your ultimate guide to unique baby names!



How do I define uncommon? These names have never been in the 100 most popular names in the 1900s. You can track the trends of every name with this awesome Baby Name Wizard tool.

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underused unique baby names


Why uncommon baby names?

Parents-to-be have lots of reason for wanting a less traditional name for their son or daughter. Many people disliked being one of several “Jennifers” or “Johns” in their class at school, and don’t want their child to have to identify as Ava S. or Charlie B.

Others feel that baby naming is a creative process. Rather than just name their son Ronald Junior because it’s his father’s name (as was frequently done in prior generations), parents today want to choose a name that has a special sound or meaning.

Lastly, parents today feel it’s important for their child to stand out from the crowd. Like it or not, our children are growing up in an ultra-competitive era. If having a unique name helps our child make an impression and be remembered, we’re all for it.

And now onto the list of the most adorable unique baby names!

Unique Baby Names for Girls

There are way too many beautiful girl names out there to settle for a common and overused name at the top of the charts! Instead choose one of these unique and gorgeous names for your precious daughter.

unique baby names for girls

Ainsley “one’s own meadow”

Aislin “vision, dream”

Alessandra “defender of mankind”

Alondra “lark”

Amaya “night rain”

Amelie “hardworking”

Anya “grace”

Aurelia “the golden one”

Beatrix “she who brings happiness”

Brielle “hunting grounds”

Cadence “rhythm”

Carina “dear little one”

Carrigan “pointed spear”

Cecilia “one of the shining light”

Cleo “to praise, acclaim”

Colette “victory of the people”

Coraline “heart, maiden”

Delia “person From Delos”

Eliora “my God is my light”

Etta “ruler of the home”

Faye “fairy”

Fleur “flower”

Gaia “earth”

Gwendolyn “white ring”

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Hadley “heather field”

Hattie “estate ruler”

Haven “safe place”

Honora “woman of honor”

Imani “faith”

Imogene “maiden, innocent”

Jana “God is gracious”

Juliet “youthful, downy”

Juniper “from the juniper tree”

Kyla “narrow”

Lavinia “from Lavinium”

Leonora “light”

Liana “my God has answered”

Lilia “lily flower”

Lilith “ghost”

Lorelei “ambush cliff”

Lottie “free one”

Lucia “light”

Mae “month of May”

Mabel “lovable”

Marcella “young warrior”

Mavis “songbird”

Meadow “meadow”

Melina “made of honey”

Melody “song”

Mirabelle “wonderful”

Nahla “drink water”

Nicolina “victory of the people”

Ophelia “helper”

Phaedra “glowing”

Pippa “lover of horses”

Rhya “fertility goddess”

Rosalie “rose”

Salem “peace”

Sidra “like a star”

Soleil “sun”

Sylvie “forest”

Thora “thunder”

Tillie “battle mighty”

Vada “famous ruler”

Vera “faith”

Verona “truth”

Verity “truth”

Vita “life”

Wren “small bird”

Xiomara “ready for battle”

Yasmine “jasmine flower”

If you’re expecting a little girl, this post will help you find her perfect middle name!

Unique Baby Names for Boys

Until recent years, boys were very likely to be given traditional, family names. These days the trends are starting to change, as people want their sons to stand out from the crowd as much as their daughters. Here are some handsome, underused name choices for your baby boy.

unique baby names for boys

Abram “high father”

Alton “old town”

Barrett “bear strength”

Bastien “venerable, revered”

Beau “handsome”

Benedict “blessed”

Bennett “blessed”

Boone “a blessing”

Brecken “freckled”

Brock “badger”

Cael “slender”

Caius “rejoice”

Calloway “pebbly place”

Callum “dove”

Clyde “river in Scotland”

Cohen “Hebrew priest”

Colby “from Kol’s settlement”

Conrad “brave counsel”

Dalton “from the valley town”

Dashiell “page boy”

Dax “leader”

Deacon “messenger”

Donovan “dark”

Eamon “wealthy protector”

Elias “Yahweh is God”

Emmerich “ruler”

Ewan “born of the yew tree”

Ezekiel “God strengthens”

Fabian “bean grower”

Finnian “white”

Gage “measurer”

Gannon “fair skinned”

Giancarlo “combination of the Italian John plus Charles”

Grady “descendant of the noble one”

Hiram “exalted brother”

Holden “from the hollow in the valley”

Humphrey “peaceful warrior”

Jonah “dove, peace”

Judah “praised”

Kendrick “bold ruler”

Kieran “dark haired”

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Leandro “lion man”

Leland “meadowland”

Levon “lion”

Lorenzo “laurel”

Luca “man from Lucania”

Lucian “light”

Maclean “servant of Saint John”

Madden “little dog”

Marshall “horse keeper”

Mathias “gift of God”

Matteo “gift of God”

Maxim “greatest”

Mayer “steward”

Nehemiah “comforted by God”

Nico “victory of the people”

Orson “bear cub”

Oswald “divine power”

Otis “wealth”

Otto “wealth”

Patten “shoemaker”

Phelan “wolf”

Pierce “son of Piers”

Prescott “priest’s cottage”

Rafe “wolf counsel”

Redmond “wise protector”

Roland “famous land”

Sanders “son of Alexander”

Shepherd “sheep herder”

Stanton “stony town”

Stellan “calm”

Tanner “leather worker”

Tate “cheerful”

Theo “divine gift”

Torin “chief”

Tyson “firebrand”

Vaughn “small”

Walden “valley of the Welsh”

Walker “cloth walker”

Watson “son of Walter”

Wheaton “from the wheat town”

Zaide “increasing, surplus”

Unique Unisex Names

Unisex names are all the rage right now! There are so many lovely choices for uncommon unisex names beyond the typical Robin and Quinn. Here are some fantastic name options and their meanings.

Unique unisex names

Arden “from the Eagle valley”

Arlo “hill”

Aspen “quaking tree”

Aster “star”

Austen “great”

Camden “winding valley”

Desi “desired one”

Echo “reverberating sound”

Eden “place of pleasure”

Ellis “benevolent”

Finley “warrior”

Harlow “rock hill”

Henley “high field”

Isidore “gift of isis”

Justice “doing right by the law”

Landry “master of land”

Lane “lane, road”

Lennon “dear one”

Lennox “elm grove”

London “from the great river”

Micah “who is like God”

Oakley “from the oak tree field”

Paxton “peace town”

Presley “from the priest’s field”

Raleigh “from the rye field”

Reese “running”

Reeve “bailiff”

Rowan “from the Rowan tree”

Ryland “rye land”

Sage “herb or prophet”

Sawyer “wood cutter”

Shea “hawk”

Sloan “expedition”

Soren “stern”

Sullivan “black-eyed one”

Sutton “from the southern homestead”

Wynn “fair, pure”

Share your favorite unique baby names in the comments!

And if you are planning to breastfeed your little one, don’t miss this post about how to set yourself up for breastfeeding success!

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Mom Talk Monday: What is your baby name crush?

Choosing the perfect name for your baby can be one of the most stressful parts of pregnancy. It is such a huge decision that can seemingly affect your child’s entire life. When you finally do come up with one you like, your partner inevitably tells you he hates it or it sounds funny with your last name.

Then there is the problem of making the name flow with the other people’s names in the family. When we were expecting our fourth, it seemed like every name either rhymed with or clashed with one of our other kid’s names. The boy name we had picked out for Elle was Leo, but we felt we couldn’t use Leo for number 4 because when saying “Elle and Leo” I was afraid it would sound like “LELELELELO”.

Maybe I was over analyzing things, but at the time we totally struggled with the decision and didn’t decide on a name until the absolute last minute. Baby names are hard.

Now that we are done having kids, I have certain names that give me a little twinge of regret whenever I hear them. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love our kids’ names and they suit their personalities perfectly. But I am a little sad for the names I used to lust over that I’ll never get to use.

My baby name crush list:

Mabel- The husband declared I had pregnancy-induced insanity when I suggested this one. I tried to sell him on “it’s so ugly it’s cute” but he wasn’t budging.

Meadow- He called me a hippie (like that’s an insult?)

Ava- I love it but so does everyone else. Too popular.

Penelope- Our last name also has three syllables and starts with “P” so yeah, it sounds ridiculous.

Reese- Love the name but feared a complex relationship to a certain chocolate.

Sylvie- I liked Sylvie, he liked Sylvia, and we were never able to meet in the middle.

Leo- I still sweat this so name hard!

Jude- Such a cute name but we tried to avoid any names that people associate with songs.

Don’t be shy, share with us…

baby name crush