The Worst Kinds of Moms the Rest of Us Can’t Stand

I’ve met hundreds of Moms in my 8 years as a parent. For the most part I feel like we are all doing our best with a job that’s insanely hard and doesn’t have clear instructions. I truly believe in Moms-supporting-Moms as we all are in this together. But sometimes support comes in the form of tough love. So if you are one of these Moms, the WORST kinds of Moms, I feel like I need to let you know.

Knowledge is power, my Mommy friends.

RealMomRecs The Worst Kinds of Moms the Rest of Us Can't Stand

1. The Pregnancy Police

She is the initiation to all the Worst Moms we will encounter in our mothering career.

After the joy of discovering we’re pregnant and trying to keep it on the down low for 12 weeks, we finally go public with the news. We are glad to join the club with all our friends who became Moms before us. We’ve been longing for their support and are eager to learn from their wisdom.

Unfortunately the joy doesn’t last long, because the Pregnancy Police rushes in with her “friendly advice”.

That coffee is decaf, right? You know caffeine is bad for the baby.

DON’T EAT THAT! How do you know if that cheese was pasteurized?!

Are you going to go natural with your hair now because you know you’re not supposed to dye your hair when you’re pregnant.

While she may have good intentions, the absolute last thing a nervous, vulnerable, first-time pregnant mom needs is the Pregnancy Police watching every move and throwing shame onto her unsuspecting victim.

2. The Constantly Excusing Mom

Her kid is a terror. The tantrums are one of top of another. He refuses to share, grabs toys away from other kids, and screams at his mother when she feebly asks him to stop.

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But it’s not the kid’s behavior the is the Worst. It’s the barrage of excuses his mother makes.

She points to him while fake-whispering: “He really didn’t sleep well last night.”

She pretends to talk to her kid when her words are really directed at the other Moms: “You must need to eat something because I know you get cranky when you’re hungry!”

When all else fails and he’s still acting like a jerk, she’ll say “I think someone isn’t feeling well! Must be that bug going around!”

Any excuse will do for the Mom who refuses to assign blame or correct her child’s behavior. If only she’d say something like, “wow, he’s acting like such a little shit today!”, we could all be friends.

3. The Non-reciprocating Mom

Listen lady, I pretended to enjoy having your little hellion over to play at my house last week so that you would entertain my little hellion at your house next week. That’s how this works.

The worst offenders will even call you again and ask you to watch their kid so they can go do something. Regardless of what you think, I’m actually not a free childcare service.

4. The Humble-Brag Mom

This Mom just HATES to brag, but could you believe her 3 year old was allowed to play on the 4 year old soccer team? And she has no idea why, because he only scored 6 goals the first game when he probably could have scored 7.

Not to mention her daughter, who entered kindergarten reading chapter books, but seriously she had no idea all kids weren’t doing that!

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Watch out for the humble-brag mom on social media. You will know her from how #grateful she is for her perfectly coordinated children who just surprised her with homemade cookies and a vase of fresh flowers! Isn’t she so #blessed?

5. The Flakey Mom

This Mom could actually be cool, if you were ever able to nail down a time to see her. She makes plans to come over, then texts to cancel an hour after she was supposed to be there. When she does show up, she’s gotta run after 30 minutes because she forgot about dance class. If she makes it to the pool party, you better have an extra bathing suit to loan her kid because Flakey Mom definitely won’t have one.

6. The Judgey Mom

She is the absolute WORST of all the Worst Moms No One Can Stand. Forget whatever you thought you were doing right as a parent, because this mom is here to tell you you’re doing it wrong.

Wait, why does he have a bottle? Didn’t he turn 1 last week?

Is that a happy meal toy? My kids don’t even know what McDonalds is!

I’m SURE you’ve heard about TV and how it’s bad for brain development.

If you recognize yourself as one of these Moms:

I’m sorry we can’t stand you. Take it as constructive criticism, reign in your Worst Mom behavior, and we can all Kumbaya while complaining about our kids once more.

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  1. Ha! Love this. I do have a flakey mom friend & I just have to go w/ the flow w/ her. Sometimes we get together, sometimes we don’t. Thanks for the share! 😄

    1. Omg hahaha I was waiting for someone to say that! Ok there is a little judgey Mom in the author here. Mayyyyybe. Never said I was perfect 🙂

      Thanks for your nomination! Checking it out now!

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