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MORE of the Funniest Parents on Twitter

Given the events of the this week, I’ve been walking around with a dark cloud over my head as I’m sure most Americans are. Everyone says to spread kindness in the wake of tragedy but it can be hard when you feel so heavy and gloomy.

Because I think we all need to lift our spirits for a few minutes, I decided to do another roundup of the funniest parents on Twitter. Kudos to these people for spreading a little joy through their clever and/or sarcastic use of 140 characters.

Feel free to follow anyone on here and make your twitter feed 1000% more awesome.

funniest parents on twitter



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And have a laugh at my expense with my Crappy Cell Phone Pics!


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  1. Oh my gosh I’m dying. Except for us it was a wedding that we were going to the next day when they decided to put tattoos all over their bodies. And my daughter and I just had the same number conversation the other day!!

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