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Mom Talk Monday: To find out the sex of the baby or be surprised

Happy Monday everyone! After a long, boring and rainy weekend, I was pretty happy to drop the kids off at school this morning and I think they were even happy to go.

The only exciting part of our weekend was hearing the news from good friends of ours that they are not only expecting, but expecting TWINS!

Of course this led to many fun conversations reminiscing about our past pregnancies and deliveries. One thing we both have in common is that we did not find out the sex of our babies before birth and we loved the excitement of the reveal once that baby came out.

(My friend Alexandra over at Coffee and Coos actually published the story of my last baby’s birth. You can see by the look on my face just how exciting that reveal is once the baby is out!)

For her twin pregnancy, my friend said she was on the fence about finding out the sexes this time around. There are already so many unknowns with a twin delivery, and of course there are more possible combinations of boys and girls. I could see that it could get a little overwhelming.

With both of my pregnancies, I was of course curious to find out if it was a boy or a girl and it was very temping to peak when they did that 20 week ultrasound. But I felt it would be even more fun and exciting to let the baby show us the goods and see for ourselves rather than have a doctor tell us at an ultrasound appointment.

I also liked that my husband could have the important job of announcing “It’s a ….!”

But, having to wait 9 long months to find out if our bundle of joy was a “he” or a “she” was not without it’s challenges. The cons of waiting were:

  • not being able to buy gender-specific clothes ahead of time (this wasn’t a huge con for me as my favorite color is gray and I hate light pink- but I know it’s hard for most people)
  • having to decide on a boy name and a girl name (get baby name help here!)
  • doing gender-neutral room decor or waiting until after the birth to complete the baby’s room

This seems like one of those issues that people have a clear opinion on one way or the other. I’d love to hear from you!

find out the sex of the baby

Did you find out the sex of the baby or wait to be surprised? Why did you make the choice that you did?


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  1. I found out I was having a boy when I was about 18 weeks. I chose to find out because I wanted to address him correctly. I also wanted to start buying things. I think I would’ve been excited either way. I’m just impatient lol

  2. We found out both times and I’m so glad we did! I was able to buy little Aloha shirts for my son when I was pregnant with him. I was also able to take advantage of consignment sales, which saved me a lot of money in baby items!

  3. I found out I was having a girl at 20wks and to this day Iā€™m unsure of whether I should have waited. I think with the next I will definitely not find out until the birth!

  4. We did both with our 3…our first was a surprise and a lot of fun doing it that way. With our other 2, we found out the gender. It was nice knowing the gender for the last 2 so we could better prepare šŸ™‚

  5. I have three kids and each one I wanted to know the gender. I thought about being surprised for at least one of them but then the thought of nursery not being ready I just about fainted hahaha šŸ˜†

  6. I always thought it would be exciting to wait, but, I am type A total planner and the not knowing would drive me crazy. Don’t know why every child I get so set on having everything done and set up because the baby is never in the nursery anyways LOL

  7. We kept it a suprise for my second and third and we loved it. We just got generic stuff and when it came to clothes we knew that would be the big gift we got. I mean we could always stop by target on the way home right?

  8. I could never wait to find out the gender–it would drive me insane. My sister is pregnant with her first and it’s driving me nuts, especially since I want to give her hand-me-downs…I have both a boy and a girl.

  9. Its illegal in our country to find out the gender before birth. So we all live in constant curiosity. Its kinda fun to do silly games and tests to try and figure it out. And the big moment is usually a happy one.

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