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How To Spot An Experienced Dad

We’ve all spotted the new first-time Dad before. Pale-faced, nervously clutching his newborn infant’s carseat like the slightest stumble or trip might end in disaster. All Dads start out that way.

Add some time and a few more kids, and Dad becomes a pro.

Experienced Dad

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Here are 10 ways to spot an experienced Dad:

He carries a newborn like a football, not a crystal vase.

First time Dads hold their newborns like they may break on them at any moment. The experienced Dad is confident in his baby juggling skills and thinks nothing of tucking the newborn in one arm while using his free hand to get a coffee for Mom. Everybody wins!

He can walk around carrying all his children at once.

experienced Dad

No child left behind! When one kid gets a piggy back, all of them have to pile on Dad. Who is he to deny access to one? Even if you’re 70 pounds, he’s an unstoppable Dad so HOP ON.

He knows how to make diaper changes fun.

Standing diaper change, floor diaper change, or car diaper change… the experienced Dad has done it all.

When his squirmy tot turns into an octopus at diaper changing time, he knows how to distract them into submission so he can get the dirty work done.

He’s also learned that using Pampers is a must! Their Extra Absorb Channels mean that baby can sleep for up 12 hours at night and stay protected from wetness. He isn’t fooled into thinking a bigger, bulkier diaper makes a better diaper!

He’s not ashamed to play princess.

experienced Dad

Girl Dads unite! An experienced Dad does whatever it takes to bond with his kids, and if that means becoming a princess, that’s exactly what he’s gonna do.

He knows when to give Mom a break.

The veteran Dad recognizes the look on Mom’s face when she’s hit her breaking point. That’s when he steps in and offers to take the kids for a hike and out for ice cream. It doesn’t need to be Mother’s Day for Mom to get herself a pedicure and an hour of silence to herself.

He can single handedly organize a baseball game when all players have no idea how to play baseball.

experienced Dad

What’s harder than herding cats? Trying to get a group of distracted tikes to play a pickup game of baseball. In a small yard. When none of them have any idea how to play.

Let’s just hope Dad stays at the pitcher’s mound. Otherwise this venture will likely end with a broken window.

He can turn himself into playground equipment.

Who needs the gym when you have a gaggle of kids happy to help you with your ab workout? The pro Dad can turn himself into all kinds of playground equipment. Here is ours as the human see-saw:

Dad’s shoulder makes the perfect napping place when you’re out and about. And his arms don’t get as tired as Moms so the little one can get their full nap time in.

He has a superhuman sense of when his little one’s in danger.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen Dad jump up out of nowhere and catch one of our kids that I didn’t even realize was falling. It’s some kind of Dad-sense that puts cat reflexes to shame.



Dads are amazing!

Here’s wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, both new and old. Your presence makes a world of difference in the lives of your children.

Want to make Dad feel special with a homemade card from the kiddos? Check out these adorable free printable Father’s Day Cards!

Experienced Dads

Share! What’s something amazing the Dad in your life can do?



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  1. This was such a cute read and perfect for Father’s Day weekend. It so true too. I remember seeing my husband with our first almost 7 years ago, and now with four, he’s a totally different dad.

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